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By Matt Maher

LIBERTY, OH – The Leopards welcomed the Red Devils to town for another installment of MVAC boys basketball where the 2nd best team in Campbell took down the 7th best team by the final score of 55-45. Both teams showed some great skill on the court but it would be the Red Devils spectacular rebounding and the great efforts of  David Moore and Teyon Harris Jr. that would be the key differences in this game.


Liberty showed they could tango with Campbell in the first where they were able to find 10 points to Campbells 14. The Leopards were led by Evan Bates who hit two 2’s and went 2-for-2 from the free throw line, an area he would excel at all evening. Campbell saw Moore put up 5 including a spectacular 3 and 2 of 2 made free throws. Harris found 4 points in the paint as well for the Red Devils.


David Moore would keep up his dominance by scoring 10 points in the 2nd quarter all within the arc with five 2’s. Harris would add a hard fought 2 into the mix as well. Liberty saw Adam Huynh step up with 5 points including his team’s first made 3 of the night! Luke Bates and Dearmani Franklin would both score a bucket each to get Liberty to their 9 points. 


Liberty continued to stay close to Campbell after the break, scoring 8 points to Campbells 11, though their close quarters were still hurting Liberty’s chances. Evan Bates entered back on to the score sheet with 4 more points including 2 more made free throws. David Moore added 2 more points to his total and Harris found the other 9 points for his team with three 2’s and a decent 3-for-4 from the stripe. 


The 4th quarter was the closest quarter we saw with both teams scoring 18 points. Moore would add 4 more points and finish with a team leading 21 points on the night. Josue Rodriguez would have a nice frame as well, scoring 5 points for his team and Harris would score 4 more points including 2 more from the line, he would finish with 19 points. Liberty saw Julius Ferrell put up a 3 and Brashawn Hicks and Luke Bates both scored 2 points but the difference maker was Evan Bates who found three 2’s and went 5-for-5 from the line finishing with 21 points on the night and 9-for-9 from the line!


Despite the individual boost from Evan Bates, Liberty couldn’t find enough consistency in the scoring department to top the Red Devils. David Moore and Jeyon Harris Jr. both deserve standing ovations after their performances on Tuesday night. the Red Devils (9-4, 6-1) will continue their road trip when they take on Newton Falls on January 19th at 7:00PM and Liberty (3-11, 1-6) will hit the road when they take on the Crestview Rebels on January 19th at 7:00PM.


CAMPBELL OH- In a decisive road trip on Thursday night, Newton Falls showcased their dominance, swiftly taking care of Campbell with a commanding 53-23 victory.

Newton Falls’ offensive charge was led by Dani Drake, who delivered an outstanding performance with 17 points. Torrie Fenton added 8 points, while Madison Davis, Chloe Butler, and Lilly Sait each contributed 7, 6, and 6 points, respectively.

Campbell, facing a tough challenge, had Diamon Sims leading their scoring effort with 10 points, while Angelis Diaz added 5 points to the tally.

With this convincing win, Newton Falls advances to a 4-9 record, aiming to maintain their positive momentum as they host LaBrae next Thursday. Campbell, now at 2-9, looks to rebound in their next Thursday matchup at home against Crestview.


BROOKFIELD OH- In a hard-fought battle on the road, Campbell emerged victorious with a 53-47 win against Brookfield, showcasing their resilience and determination on the court.

Sway Rodriguez led the charge for Campbell with an impressive 26 points, demonstrating his scoring prowess. Teyon Harris contributed 9 points, while Aziyah Flores and Derrick Moore each added 6 points to secure the team’s success.

Brookfield, though facing a tough challenge, had standout performances from Nevon Hoffman with 17 points, Matteo Fortuna with 12 points, and Judah DeJoy with 7 points.

With this crucial win, Campbell advances to an 8-3 record, setting the stage for a significant showdown with LaBrae at home on Friday. The winner of this matchup will claim first place in the MVAC. Brookfield, now at 4-6, will stay at home to host Newton Falls in their upcoming Friday contest.


By Matt Maher

CAMPBELL, OH – good things come to those who wait and Campbell has been waiting all seas, that’s 9 games, to finally earn their first home win of the season and it came against the struggling Leetonia Bears who are still waiting on their first game of the season. Despite a very slow start the Red Devils made adjustments and found their rhythm and came out on top with the 34-16 victory.


When you think of slow starts you typically think of maybe a 10-8 score with a lot of fouls and a timeout or two but this game took the word slow to heart when the first quarter ended with the score of 4-2 for the Red Devils. The game didn’t see many fouls to this point but the officials had no problem calling a multitude of jump balls and Leetonia had trouble passing the ball. The Bears lone scorer Breyle Merritt who found a hard fought layup. Campbell found all their scoring from Angelis Diaz who found two buckets in the paint and had an opportunity to score more from the line but Diamon Sims couldn’t get her throws to fly. 


The second quarter looked more like a basketball game with Campbell scoring a much improved 9 points and Leetonia doubling their first quarter tally with 4. The Jumpballs kept on coming in this quarter and after the first quarter it became difficult to keep track of all of them but this game was determined to find ways to turn the ball over and give both squads opportunity in the offensive zone. Leetonia saw Merrit take advantage of one of the turnovers with another nice bucket and she also found herself at the free throw line where she made 1 of 2 shots. Star Neel also found the net in the form of a free throw as well going 1-for-2 from the stripe. Campbell saw three players score including Mileesa Williams and Angelis Espada who both found points in the paint and Sims who found a stride and hit an impressive 3 and made another bucket down the line.


Halftime brought a rested Red Devils team out on the floor and boy did that break help! Campbell put up 13 points in the quarter and held Leetonia to a mere 2 points. Leetonias scorer would be Taylor Chapman who used her size and strength to push through the defense and get a gritty score. The Red Devils would see another 3 made by Espada and Sims go 2-for-4 from the line but it would be Angeliz Diaz who would truly be the shining star because she erupted for 6 points in this frame and while that may seem like a small number I ask you to refer to the first quarter of this game. 


Quarter 4 was a fairly even frame with Campbell scoring 8 more points and Leetonia matching their host with 8. Diaz added another 6 points to her total, allowing her to finish with her team leading 16 points. Rayona Floyd-Brown would add to the scoring with the other 2 points. Leetonia saw the combined efforts of Merritt and Chapman pay off with both players putting up 4 points in this quarter all from under the hoop with layups or hard fought for rebounds. 


Despite the improved 4th quarter for the Bears, Campbell found their scores earlier and much more often and their continued pressure on Leetonia and the lucky turnovers they found all combined for the 34-16 win. Leetonia will be back home on January 8th when they host Southern at 7:00PM while Campbell will keep it in their neighborhood when they host Liberty on January 8th at 5:30PM. 


By Matt Maher 

LEAVITTSBURG, OH – The Vikings went on a raid Thursday night when they pillaged the visiting Red Devils of an MVAC win by scoring 57 points to Campbell’s 15. The Vikings showed yet another strong defensive game against a struggling team that, at times, had its troubles passing the ball and more importantly getting clear shots through. With LaBrae being the MVAC powerhouse they have become the final score came as no surprise to those watching. 


The Vikings scored much and often in the first half, accumulating 18 points in the first quarter to memorials 4. Riley Rowe and Marissa Levensky led the charge with Rowe scoring an impressive 10 points all in the paint and Levensky putting up 3 from the charity stripe. Campbell just couldn’t muster together a clean pass or entry into the offensive zone without the help of fouls which is the main reason they only scored 4 points with all of them coming late. Angeliz Diaz found a hard earned 2 in the paint and Amira Kamal found her 2 points via the free throw line where she hit 2 of 4 shots.


The second quarter belonged entirely to the Vikings because they not only dropped 23 points but they also shut Campbell out! The Red Devils showed heart and improved at moving the ball down the floor but the in-your-face defense LaBrae showed was far too much for Campbell to get around. LaBrae saw Levensky score 6 more points all from the paint and Ella Kuszmaul joined the party with 11 points including a gritty 3 and four 2’s. Eva Prejsnar would also score 5 points for her team showing the whole team was in on the fun.


With the dominant performance from LaBrae in the first half the clock refused to stop in the 2nd as LaBrae continued their focus on defense and still outscored Campbell in the 3rd with a 9-2 difference. Rowe found 3 more points from beyond the arc while Kuszmaul made 2 of 2 charity tosses. Campbells lone scorer would be Diaz who added to her team lead in points. 


While Campbell struggled against the starters they found life in the 4th against the Vikings Bench where they managed to outscore LaBrae 9-7. LaBrae saw Makayla Scruggs and Megan Young both put up 2’s and Brielle Stout made 2 of 4 free throws. Memorial saw Diamon Sims find her first and only 4 points in this quarter with two 2’s including one off of a takeaway. Kamal found a 2 herself and Diaz hit her teams only made 3 of the match!


While Campbell showed life in the late stage of this game, it was LaBrae who stole the show and dominated the hardwood on Thursday night. The Vikings saw 8 different players score for them in this game including 9 points for Levensky, 13 for Rowe and 16 for Kuszmaul! Campbell only saw three girls get on the score sheet: Sims with 2, Kamal with 4 and Diaz with 7. Campbell Memorial (1-8, 0-6) will face off against Leetonia at home on January 6th at 11:30AM while LaBrae (9-1, 5-1) travels to the Crestview to try and be the first to take down the undefeated Rebels, that game will be on January 8th at 7:00PM.



CAMPBELL OH- In a hard-fought non-conference battle on Wednesday, Campbell exhibited resilience and determination to claim a 50-40 victory over Girard. The Red Devils showcased their determination on the court, securing the win against a formidable opponent.

Josue Rodriguez led the scoring charge for Campbell with an impressive 15-point performance, highlighting his offensive prowess. Aziyah Flores contributed 11 points, while Aydn Vazquez and Teyon Harris added 9 and 8 points, respectively, showcasing the well-rounded scoring effort.

For Girard, Allen Hess-Cardona led the scoring with 10 points, and Ahmad Curd contributed 7 points.

With this win, Campbell advances to a 6-3 record and will shift their focus back to conference play as they host Champion on Friday. Girard, now standing at 0-9, will return home for their next matchup against Lakeview on Friday. The game exemplified Campbell’s competitive spirit and sets the stage for both teams as they navigate the challenges of the season.



Cardinal Mooney showcased relentless energy on Friday night in Campbell, maintaining control throughout the game and securing a commanding 67-32 victory. The team’s prowess from beyond the arc was evident as they collectively knocked down an impressive 11 three-pointers.

Leading the scoring charge for Mooney, Ashton O’Brien delivered a standout performance, contributing 20 points to the team’s impressive total. Nick Pregibon and Rocco Turner added 10 points each, while Jibri Carter and Nico Genova chipped in with 8 and 7 points, respectively.

Campbell faced a determined Mooney squad, with David Moore leading their scoring efforts with 18 points.

The decisive win propels Mooney to a 4-3 record, and they look to carry the momentum into their next matchup at home against NDCL on Friday. Campbell, now at 4-3, will seek to bounce back as they hit the road to face Lowellville in their upcoming contest. The electric performance by Mooney serves as a statement in their basketball campaign.


BROOKFIELD OH- Brookfield demonstrated an upward trajectory in their season, securing their third win with a dominant 43-19 victory over Campbell.

Leading the scoring charge for Brookfield, Mya Jumper showcased her skills with an impressive 16 points, complemented by Cailey Wellman’s 14 points and MaRae Craig contributing 9 points.

Campbell faced a challenging defensive effort from Brookfield, with Diamon Sims leading their scoring with 8 points and Angeliz Diaz adding 6 points.

With this convincing win, Brookfield moves to a 3-5 record and looks to carry this positive momentum into their next game. They are set to host Badger on Wednesday, aiming to continue their upward trajectory. Campbell, now at 1-7, will regroup and prepare for their next challenge, scheduled for January 4th against LaBrae. The win for Brookfield underscores their progress this season and sets the stage for an intriguing stretch as they navigate the remainder of their basketball campaign.


CAMPBELL OH-?Campbell’s basketball squad is gaining momentum, securing a significant victory over Newton Falls on Friday night with a final score of 47-40. The team showcased their consistency by winning three out of the four quarters, setting the stage for an impressive overall performance.

Heading into the fourth quarter with just a 3-point lead, Campbell unleashed a strong offensive effort, scoring 14 points to seal the win. David Moore led the charge with an impressive 16 points, while Josue Rodriguez contributed 10 points, and Aziyah Flores added 8 points to the scoreboard.

On the opposing side, Newton Falls saw notable performances from Landon McGregor and Cameron Huff, each contributing 11 points, with Carson Howard adding 7 points to the mix.


CAMPBELL OH- In a pivotal matchup on Thursday, Garfield secured their first victory of the season against the Red Devils in Campbell, triumphing with a final score of 37-18. Mandy Cardinal led the charge with an impressive game-high 23 points and a double-double, grabbing 10 rebounds. Zoey May added 5 points to the scoreboard, contributing to the team’s well-deserved win.

Despite a challenging start to the year, Garfield showcased resilience and determination on the road. The young Lady G-Men, now 1-4 for the season, will carry this momentum into their upcoming game on Monday against Liberty.

On the other side, Campbell, now standing at 1-5, faced a tough defeat. Diamon Sims put up a commendable effort, contributing 8 points for the Red Devils. Looking ahead, Campbell will host Champion in their next matchup on Monday.