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CAMPBELL, OH – Head coach Tyler Allen and the Campbell Memorial Lady Red Devils volleyball team are one of the local teams that are on fire so far this season! The Lady Red Devils are currently 7-3 this year and although they fell to LaBrae (8-0) in their last match, they have been playing very solid volleyball. Up next for Campbell Memorial is a home MVAC contest as they will play host to the Liberty Leopards (5-4) on Thursday night.

YSN’s own, Steve Leslie, was able to sit down with Coach Allen this week at Tavern 26 to talk about the first half of the season so far, what his takeaway were from the LaBrae match, how he is keeping the momentum as the conference schedule starts to ramp up, his keys to victory for the Liberty match on Thursday, and so much more!



CAMPBELL, OH – The Campbell Memorial Lady Red Devils volleyball team has a duo that is unlike anyone else in the area as Jayda Coriano and Gabriela Villanueva Santos have consistently exemplified excellence on the court. Jayda, with her remarkable athleticism and unwavering determination, has been a driving force behind the team’s success. Gabriela, Jayda’s partner in the team’s success, possesses a unique ability to read the game and deliver precise plays that consistently put her teammates in scoring positions and helps this team win. Together, Jayda Coriano and Gabriela Villanueva Santos form an unstoppable combination, embodying the values of teamwork, dedication, and sportsmanship that define the Campbell Memorial Lady Red Devil volleyball program.

YSN’s own, Steve Leslie, was able to sit down at Tavern 26 with these two ladies to discuss the volleyball season so far, what they enjoy most about volleyball and playing for Campbell Memorial, what they want to accomplish this season and postseason, and so much more!



CAMPBELL OH- In a highly competitive non-conference matchup, Campbell emerged victorious over Poland in four sets, with scores of 22-25, 25-16, 25-17, and 25-14. The match showcased a strong and balanced effort from Campbell’s squad, with several players making significant contributions to the team’s success.

MiLeena Williams led the way in the service department with 3 aces, adding to her overall impact on the game. The offensive prowess was on full display, with Kendall Brunn recording an impressive 17 kills, while the freshman standout Elysia Rudolphi contributed 12 kills of her own. MiLeena Williams and Cyra Cross also played a crucial role in the offensive attack, each recording 10 kills. On the defensive front, Carla Ramirez Ortiz tallied 3 blocks, and MiLeena Williams added 2 blocks to her impressive stat line.

Carla Ramirez Ortiz’s precise setting was a key factor, as she recorded an impressive 47 assists, facilitating the team’s offense effectively. In the back row, a collective effort on the defensive end was led by Gabriela Villanueva Santos and Cyra Cross, each recording 18 digs. Angeliz Diaz and Jayda Coriano added 15 digs apiece, while MiLeena Williams contributed 10 more. Campbell’s well-rounded performance, both offensively and defensively, secured their victory in a hard-fought battle against Poland.



CAMPBELL, OH – In an action-packed football clash between Newton Falls and Campbell Memorial, fans were treated to a rollercoaster of a game that left them on the edge of their seats. The first quarter saw a moment of pure brilliance as Newton Falls’ Caden Short electrified the crowd with an 80-yard touchdown return on the opening kickoff, followed by a flawless PAT by Nick Lampman. The energy was electric.

The second quarter was equally intense, with Campbell Memorial mounting a comeback. Kevin Timlin bulldozed his way through the defense for an 8-yard touchdown run, securing a PAT that kept the scoreboard even. The momentum swung in Campbell Memorial’s favor when Adyn Vazquez intercepted a pass and sprinted 17 yards to the end zone, with another successful PAT.

Not to be outdone, Newton Falls retaliated with Gage Phares’ 2-yard touchdown run, complemented by Lampman’s reliable PAT. The teams went into halftime with the game tied, leaving the spectators craving more action.

The third quarter opened with Campbell Memorial’s Mike Mesaros snatching a 13-yard touchdown reception, maintaining their lead. However, Newton Falls wasn’t about to back down. Jesse Chitwood’s stunning 35-yard touchdown reception, accompanied by Lampman’s PAT, swung the momentum back to their side.

As the clock ticked down in the fourth quarter, Newton Falls unleashed a barrage of touchdowns. Carter Rapczak powered through for a 3-yard touchdown run, followed by a perfectly executed PAT. But Campbell Memorial answered back with a 50-yard touchdown reception by Mike Mesaros, setting the stage for a thrilling finish.

The visiting team, Newton Falls, sealed the deal with two more touchdowns: Gage Phares’ 4-yard run and Caden Short’s remarkable 45-yard dash to the end zone. To cap off the electrifying game, Zander Miller intercepted a pass and sprinted 13 yards for another touchdown. Lampman’s consistent PATs ensured a triumphant victory for Newton Falls, leaving the final score at Newton Falls 49, Campbell Memorial 28. The fans were treated to an unforgettable display of athleticism and sportsmanship in this high-scoring battle on the gridiron.


In a thrilling volleyball matchup, Campbell Memorial continued their winning streak with a dominant sweep of Brookfield. The final scores were 25-15, 25-17, and 25-11 in favor of the Red Devils.

Campbell’s players showcased their skills throughout the game. Alexa Clark and Carla Ramirez Ortiz both delivered powerful serves, each contributing three aces to their team’s success. Kendall Brunn led the offensive charge with an impressive 11 kills, closely followed by MiLeena Williams with 9 and Elysia Rudolphi with 6. Defensively, MiLeena Williams, Kendall Brunn, and Kaiya Coleman-Clark formed an impenetrable wall, each registering 2 blocks. Carla Ramirez Ortiz orchestrated the team’s offense brilliantly, tallying 26 assists. In the backcourt, Cyra Cross was a dig machine with 17 digs, while Gabby Villanueva Santos and MiLeena Williams each added 10 digs.

Brookfield put up a valiant effort, with standout performances from their players. Sarah Lindholm led her team’s defensive efforts with 6 digs, while Cailey Wellman and Leah Wlodarski contributed 7 and 8 digs, respectively. Rylie Burdge displayed excellent playmaking skills, recording 11 assists for her team, with Cailey Wellman adding 2 more. Cailey Wellman also proved to be a formidable force at the net with 9 blocks. On the offensive front, Cailey Wellman led the charge with an impressive 14 kills, closely followed by Sarah Lindholm with 12 and Ariana Jones with 9. Ariana Jones, Sarah Lindholm, and Leah Wlodarski contributed to the scoreboard with aces, with Ariana Jones delivering 2, and Sarah Lindholm and Leah Wlodarski each notching 1.

Despite Brookfield’s efforts, Campbell’s exceptional teamwork, strong serving, and powerful attacks secured them a convincing victory in this exciting volleyball clash, continuing their impressive winning streak.


CAMPBELL, OH – The Campbell Memorial Lady Red Devils volleyball team is off to a 5-2 record so far this season and are also currently on a two game winning streak following big wins over Garrettsville Garfield and Champion.  Not only are they off to a hot start, all of the girls have been improving each day and are holding each other accountable to strive for even more success as the season wears on. The special part of this team is that it is not only led by upperclassmen, the freshmen class is contributing and competing at a high level and helping this team strive for success on a nightly basis as well. Two of the young freshmen leaders on this team are DaJanelle Will and Elysia Rudolphi. These two young ladies have been dominating on the court this year and are letting their play speak for itself.

YSN’s own, Steve Leslie, had the opportunity to sit down at Tavern 26 with DaJanelle and Elysia this week to discuss their season so far, what it means to them to be contributing as freshmen on a solid team, what they are wanting to achieve this season but also in the next three and a half year at Campbell Memorial, and a rapid fire questionnaire where we get to learn what makes these young ladies the players they are today.

All that and so much more in this week’s dual player profiles with Campbell Memorial Lady Red Devils volleyball freshmen stars, DaJanelle Will and Elysia Rudolphi on YSNLive!



CAMPBELL, OH – The Campbell Memorial Red Devils cheer squad takes pride in themselves always being able to get the crowd going on Friday nights during the football games. The squad has multiple cheers that are fan favorites where everyone gets involved and makes the atmosphere very tough for opposing teams to play in. Two of the young ladies that are always out there making noise and bringing the energy are Angelis Espada and Ramani Adams.

YSN’s own, Steve Leslie, was able to sit down with Angelis and Ramani this week at Tavern 26 to talk about what makes being a cheerleader at Campbell Memorial so special, what some of their favorite moments and memories are from cheerleading, a rapid fire questionnaire where we get to learn more about what makes them the people they are today, and so much more!

Check out this exclusive, dual player profiles, with Campbell Memorial Red Devils cheerleaders, Angelis Espada and Ramani Adams on YSNLive!



CAMPBELL, OH – Coming off a tough game against a cross tier foe is always tough to do but where there are challenges, that is where leaders are born. From those tough situations, two men have stepped up to face them and are creating names for themselves on the field while commanding the respect of their teammates and oppositions alike. Those leaders are senior fullback and defensive edge, Brandon Applegate, as well as, senior running back and linebacker, Mike Mesaros. Not only do Brandon and Mike lead by example on the football field by making big plays when the Red Devils need them to; they also have the vocal abilities to get the team focused and motivated every single snap to get the most out of the team on every possession.

YSN’s own, Steve Leslie, had the opportunity to sit down with Brandon and Mike this week at Tavern 26 to talk about what it means to be a leader on this Red Devils football team, what they are looking to accomplish as the season continues, what their plans are for after high school, how they want this season to go as MVAC play begins this week against Newton Falls at home, a rapid fire questionnaire where we get to learn more about what makes these two the men and players they are today, and so much more!

This week’s exclusive dual player profile with Campbell Memorial Red Devils football senior stars, Brandon Applegate and Mike Mesaros is LIVE!



CAMPBELL, OH – Head coach Andrew King and the Campbell Memorial Red Devils are looking to get back on track this week as they built some confidence towards the end of last week’s game. The offense began moving the ball consistently and the defense started to buckle down more to create some havoc for McDonald, unfortunately however, the Blue Devils escaped Campbell with a win. Up next for the Red Devils will be a tough MVAC match up at home against the Newton Falls Tigers

YSN’s own, Steve Leslie, was able to catch up with Coach King at Tavern 26 this week to talk about the McDonald game in week three, what he thought the Red Devils did well and what needs to be corrected as conference play begins, and what his keys for victory are this week against Newton Falls.

All that and so much more in this week’s episode of Campbell Memorial Red Devils football coach’s corner with head coach Andrew King!



CAMPBELL OH- In a thrilling volleyball matchup, Campbell managed to secure a hard-fought victory over Champion, ultimately prevailing in four sets with scores of 18-25, 25-13, 25-13, and 25-23. The match was a testament to their resilience and teamwork, showcasing their determination to come back from an early deficit.

Campbell’s serving game was on point, led by the impressive performance of Da’Janelle Will, a freshman sensation, who delivered a staggering 7 aces. Jayda Coriano, a sophomore standout, also made her presence felt with 4 crucial aces, putting Champion’s defense to the test.

On the offensive front, Kendall Brunn led the charge with an outstanding 17 kills, while MiLeena Williams and Cyra Cross contributed 13 and 10 kills, respectively. Their combined firepower proved to be a significant factor in turning the tide of the match.

Campbell’s defense was equally impressive, with Kendall Brunn not only excelling in kills but also demonstrating her prowess at the net with 5 critical blocks. Angeliz Diaz showcased her agility and defensive skills with 18 digs, while Carla Ramirez Ortiz and Cyra Cross added to the defensive effort with 10 and 11 digs, respectively.

The engine behind Campbell’s offense was undoubtedly Carla Ramirez Ortiz, who amassed an impressive 43 assists, ensuring her teammates had plenty of opportunities to score.

With this hard-fought victory under their belts, Campbell now looks ahead to their next challenge in MVAC play. They will be hosting Brookfield on Thursday, and with the momentum from this win, they aim to continue their impressive run and solidify their standing in the league. The future looks promising for Campbell as they continue to showcase their talent and determination on the volleyball court.