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With the calendar quickly turning through April, the high school track and field season is heating up.  With only four weeks of guaranteed running left for teams, it’s time now to make the final push towards the postseason.  The talent pool in the sport runs deep in the YSN family.  Luckily we have a track guru to help us sort it all out.  On Running Wednesday Boardman Girls Track Coach Rick Sypert joins Anthony Hartwig to break down all the Track & Field action in the area. This week they take a dive into the results of the Mahoning county championships, talk to Sophia Yon from Lowellville, and preview the week ahead.

Sophia Yon may just be the best distance runner in the region.  However, getting herself there hasn’t been an easy feat.  Yon has had to battle not only physical adversity, but also even tougher mental adversity.  She has truly learned how to positively talk to herself to help her confidence and mental strength.  Yon will continue her track career after high school in the Big 10. attending Purdue University to pursue not only glory on the track but also a career in engineering.  Check out a great Episode of Running Wednesdays only on YSN!

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LOWELLVILLE OH- Records are made to be broken, isn’t that the saying? Well Lowellville’s Sophia Yon has taken that to heart.  She hasn’t even come close to ending her career as a Rocket, and yet she has already broken records held in not just the school, but the entire county.

Talent like this is once in a generation. And people don’t expect it to come out of a small school like Lowellville. Sophia likes the feeling of going to meet with her smaller team, and being underestimated. She doesn’t really need an advantage on her competition, but that definitely gives her one.

One of the strengths of Yon is her ability to be a great teammate while also focusing on personal records. With a team as tight knit as the Rockets, every athlete thrives on their teammates support and feedback. Yon puts the girls on her team, and their success at the top of her priority list.

Yon was able to come on to YSN’s Running Point this week to talk to us about the success she is finding. She talks to Ty Bartell, and Anthony Hartwig about how it felt to break records, what makes the track team so special and so much more. Learn how to break records yourself with the latest Lowellville Track player profile.

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STRUTHERS OH- Struthers Girls Golf picked up a twelve stroke win over Lowellville on Friday. The final was 227-239. A couple girls from South Range golfed with Struthers for experience.

Taylor Susany 47
Samantha Day 54
Myla Vince 62
Ayla McGrath 64

South Range: (playing with Struthers for experience):
Bethany Witmer 56
Chloe Puhl 69

Liv Laudermilt 55
Sophia Yon 54
Emily Wilaj 61
Angelina Marsh 69