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That’s right folks it’s been a while, season’s have been canceled, but as we venture into the summer months Softball is making its return, and it’s making it with a vengeance. With multiple tournaments in the Northeast Ohio area with 60+ teams, including an ASA/USA, sanctioned tournament in Ashland the sport has gone from a standstill to a full-on sprint. As far as our area goes, the Thunder Elite Perfect Storm tournament using multiple fields to cater to 84 teams. With 16 10U teams, 22 12u teams, 20 14u teams, 20 16u teams, and 6 18u teams it’s going to be a jammed packed weekend. Saturday will be pool play, and the brackets will be set for Sunday. Each team weather permitting is guaranteed 4 games (weather permitting). 


I will be following the 18u tournament very closely. It may only have 6 teams, but they are full of seniors who we didn’t get to see finish out their high school career. Stay tuned Sunday night because I will post a recap of all the action from the Perfect Storm tournament. 


I have done a couple of Hot Corner posts already, but I wanted to just lay out what to expect from this blog going forward. It will be all softball, all the time. It’s for you people like me who are total junkies of the sport. I will always be highlighting what is going on in the local scene first and foremost, but I will also be bringing guests from the premiere softball world to get there stories and thoughts on things. This blog will merge local softball with the national softball scene, and it’s going to be SO MUCH FUN. So keep an eye out on YSN for more



5/26/18 WSB vs Washington
Alabama infielder Demi Turner (2)
Photo by Robert Sutton (Courtesy UA Athletics)

Today’s special guest in the Hot Corner is Demi Turner. Demi played for Alabama collegiately and is currently a volunteer assistant at Houston. I got Demi on the Hot Corner because she has gone through a lot of adversity through her softball career, dealing with multiple injuries during her time at Alabama. Her attitude and perspective (along with a second to none work ethic) helped her come back from every obstacle that was put in front of her. These are the kinds of stories we need to hear right now. We all have gone through adversity through this pandemic, and we are going to come out on the other side. In her junior season, Demi has an amazing start to the season. On March 31st at Missouri, she extended a career-high 13 game hitting streak. On April 1st in game two, things took a dramatic turn. With a ball hit up the middle Demi, and her teammate Sydney Booker both went to field it, Booker got it first. A runner advancing to second made it initially appear as though they could get the force at 2nd, so Demi kept going toward the bag. Sydney made the last-second decision to get them out at first, but her throw went full speed into Demi’s face. A conclusion, and orbital bone fracture was the result of Turner. It was an injury that was seen across the softball world. Unfortunately in today’s sports scene, we see injuries highlighted more than great plays. If you search Demi Turner the first video that pops up won’t be highlights of her amazing career, or great plays she’s made, but instead her injury at Missouri. Demi didn’t let it stop her from working her way back on the field. Making sure while she was, that her energy was being poured into her teammates. She finally worked back on the field just in time for the Super Regional against Minnesota, where she went 2-3 with a stolen base and got a hit in both games of the Super Regional. Through it all, every injury Demi used her faith, and positive energy to push through and not only prevail to the other end of the tunnel but excel when she got out of it. 


This issue is also a perfect segway to my new blog I am currently working on. It’s going to be called Hartwig’s Heroes. It will be dedicated to sharing stories of local athletes that have gone through adversity and made it out the other side. But I need your help! If you know any athlete that has gone through any kind of adversity and beat it share their story with me. I’d love to highlight anyone and everyone who fits the mold. Let’s see who the real heroes are. You can find me on Facebook, on Twitter at ahartwig01, and on Instagram with the same username. I look forward to hearing from you. 


-Anthony Hartwig

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