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EAST PALESTINE, OH- Your Sports Network is having a big week with announcements as they add another utility player to their roster.  Longtime sports advocate and enthusiast, Tod Thorne has been brought on to be the Brand Development Director for YSN.

Thorne has served in roles on the radio, on the field, and on the sideline for over 3 decades in the Mahoning Valley.  “Thorny has been a voice and an advocate for student-athletes for a long time.  That’s what we’re all about, and he a parallels each and every one of our pillars we stand for: Loyal, Local, and Live,” says YSN CEO DJ Yokley.  “He’s a selfless team leader who’s looking to change our coverage for the better,” Yokley added.

“I see this as an opportunity to start from the ground floor and work our way to the top.  I believe that this valley is all about loyalty, and YSN serves as the future of that in the region, state, and someday at the national level,” said Thorne.

YSN General Manager Steve Leslie also added remarks about the addition “We are very excited to bring Thorny along, and we feel as if he’ll take us over the top and help us to continue to promote our partners.”

Duties will include partnering with schools, youth organizations, as well as sponsorships and advertisements for The Network.