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COLUMBIANA OH-  Senior leadership is a hard thing to find. Unless, of course, you are The Columbiana Clippers, where seniors are a dime a dozen this season. Although there is a generous amount of upperclassmen on this edition of The Clippers, each one of the senior leaders is completely unique in their style of leadership. Trevor Dearing is one of those guys you want to mold your mentality of the game after. Never getting too much in his head and his willingness to work with many different types of players, being a catcher and an outfielder.

Columbiana Head Coach Ryan Wolf has clearly had an impact on Dearing, seeing a lot of similar qualities in Trevor as that of a coach. Perhaps a future in impacting kids in the sport of baseball, might be in the cards down the line for Dearing.  The Clippers are on some kind of streak this season; however, the credit goes to the seniors, such as Trevor Dearing. By being able to, not only, keep the team on track in the roller coaster ride of a season that baseball brings, but also help maintain a field that has had two tsunamis worth of rain dropped on it this year.  These Clipper seniors have been in the front cart of this roller coaster, with Canal park at the peak, the climb has started.

Catch this edition of Player Profile, as Anhony and Ty from Running Point go to Clipper Country to clap along with senior Trevor Dearing. Only on YSN!

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