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MINERAL RIDGE, OH- Mineral Ridge, a small community with a big heart for volleyball, is shining the spotlight on a young athlete who has captured the hearts and minds of fans and teammates alike. Malayna Wilson, an 8th-grade volleyball phenomenon, sat down with DJ Yokley at the Post Office Pub to discuss her journey, her dreams, and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

For Malayna, the setting was familiar and casual, a comfortable backdrop for a discussion about her ambitions and challenges. After devouring an assortment of quesadillas and buffalo dip—”There was a lot,” Wilson admits—she opened up about her impressive accomplishments. The young athlete has already set her sights high: “I really want to accomplish, like being able to get on varsity at a young age. Like I want to be able to set records, like Ava [Hulett]” she shares, referencing her drive to reach a thousand hits and digs.

Wilson’s inner drive is a key component of her success, and her personal motivation acts as a catalyst for the entire team. “Mainly, I personally just use my confidence,” Wilson reveals, discussing her own growth and how she uses it to lift the team. She explains her method for overcoming self-doubt: “Ever since I brought [my confidence] up, I was able to push myself to get better and better.”

Adversity is not a stranger to Malayna, and she detailed her strategy for dealing with on-court pressure, particularly during a challenging match against Hubbard. “I always close my eyes and breathe,” Wilson explains, affirming how breathing exercises, a technique she was taught in the first grade, aid in regaining her composure during pivotal moments. This self-awareness is a critical tool she also shares with her teammates, emphasizing the importance of “not getting down on themselves” as they improve.

Looking forward, Wilson’s transition to high school presents new aspirations and fears. The thrill of playing with her sister on the high school team and being pushed by Coach Lasco excites her, although the challenge itself also scares her. Her reflections on the program at Mineral Ridge show a deep appreciation for the community and her teammates, her goals stretching beyond personal accolades to team achievements: “I hope we accomplish things that our school has never had,” she states with determination.

College is certainly on the horizon for this rising star, with Wilson emphatically sharing her fixed resolve to play at the collegiate level: “I’m playing in college no matter what.” Her unwavering commitment to her sport shines through every word.

As Malayna Wilson stands on the cusp of her high school career, her passion for volleyball and her dedication to improvement remind us all that with confidence, teamwork, and resilience, we can overcome our challenges and achieve greatness.



MINERAL RIDGE, OH- Mineral Ridge High School volleyball senior Samantha Aulet recently sat down with DJ Oakley on the YSN podcast to discuss her transformative senior year, leadership on and off the court, and her impressive record of 2000 assists.

Aulet expressed the excitement of approaching her senior year and the desire to make lasting memories while leading her team. She emphasized the importance of not just leading the offense as a setter, but also providing guidance and support for the younger players and during practice sessions.

Having been a pivotal player throughout her high school career, Aulet talked about her evolving role and leadership style, highlighting the shift from focusing on the back row as a freshman to leading the entire team and fostering a positive attitude.

During the podcast, Aulet also shared insights into the strategic aspects of the game, discussing her role as a coach on the floor and the communication with coaches and teammates during the games.
Aulet credited the growth of the volleyball program to the solid foundation laid by former players, emphasizing the contribution of her senior-year teammates in building the team’s success.

Regarding her record of 2000 assists, Aulet candidly discussed the competitive nature within her family and how she set her sights on achieving the record after her sister accomplished the same feat. Though she fell six assists short due to an injury during a game, Aulet’s determination and competitiveness shone through as she reflected on the experience and the lessons learned from facing adversity.

The podcast showcased Aulet’s pride in her career achievements, including winning the league three out of four years and her role in the team’s success. She also humorously mentioned the regret of an injury that occurred during a game and how it affected her pursuit of the record.

Aulet’s resilience and dedication were highlighted throughout the interview, showcasing her positive impact on Mineral Ridge’s volleyball program. As she looks forward to the next chapter, Aulet’s commitment to leadership and her impressive record of 2000 assists set a shining example for future athletes at Mineral Ridge High School.

With her senior year coming to a close, Mineral Ridge’s Samantha Aulet continues to leave a lasting legacy in the volleyball program, overcoming challenges and making a profound impact both on and off the court.



MINERAL RIDGE, OH- Mineral Ridge’s volleyball coach, Heather Ault, has been making headlines as she leads the 7th and 8th grade volleyball teams to consecutive championships. Ault, who has been coaching this group for five years, credits her lifelong passion for volleyball and her strong connection with the girls for their success.

Ault’s coaching prowess is evident in the team’s exceptional performance, having won back-to-back championships and going undefeated in their league for two years. A proud moment for Ault and her team was when they secured a league victory for the fourth time during her coaching tenure.

The success of the Mineral Ridge volleyball team is a testament to the strong foundation laid by Ault. Her dedication to the sport and the close relationship she has with her players is evident as she mentions how players have wanted to come and play for her from a young age. Ault’s involvement with the girls even extends to her role as a fifth-grade teacher, where she uses her influence to foster enthusiasm for volleyball among her students.

Looking ahead, Ault is confident in the future of Mineral Ridge’s volleyball program, with a strong batch of freshmen and underclassmen ready to carry the torch. When asked about the possibility of coaching at the varsity level, Ault remains evasive, hinting that she’s not ruling out the idea as she focuses on her own children for now.

Ault’s impact as a coach and mentor goes beyond just her players; she’s a respected figure in the community. Andy Hake, who conducted the interview with Ault, acknowledges her exceptional coaching and teaching abilities, indicating the deep respect she has earned within and beyond the volleyball community.

With Ault at the helm, Mineral Ridge’s volleyball program is gearing up for a promising future, driven by passion, dedication, and a love for the game.



MINERAL RIDGE, OH- Ava Hulett, a standout junior athlete at Mineral Ridge High School, is setting her sights on leaving a lasting legacy in her senior year. In a recent interview with YSN’s DJ Yokley at the Post Office Pub, Hulett shared her thoughts on her impressive basketball season, her multi-sport dedication, and her aspirations for the future.

Hulett, a key player in the girls’ basketball program at Mineral Ridge, expressed pride in her team’s performance, despite the challenges of a tough schedule. The team’s resilience and unity were evident as they overcame obstacles throughout the season.

As a multi-sport athlete, Hulett balances her focus between basketball and volleyball, showcasing her determination and versatility both on and off the court. Her commitment to excellence serves as an inspiration to young athletes in the community.

Looking ahead to her senior year, Hulett reflects on the opportunities available to female athletes in today’s sports landscape. She emphasizes the importance of hard work and perseverance, acknowledging the impact of being a role model to aspiring athletes.

With her eyes set on her final year, Hulett aims to achieve a significant milestone in basketball by reaching 1,000 points and potentially breaking a school record. Her dedication and drive have already garnered attention, positioning her among the elite athletes in the region.

As Hulett continues to excel in her athletic endeavors, she remains focused on leaving a lasting mark at Mineral Ridge High School. Her determination and sportsmanship make her a role model for young athletes and a force to be reckoned with on and off the court.

The Mineral Ridge community eagerly anticipates the next chapter in Hulett’s athletic journey as she continues to shine in her pursuits.



MINERAL RIDGE, OH- Sophomore sensation Gianna Gilbert of the Mineral Ridge Lady Ram basketball team recently sat down with YSN for an exclusive interview at the Post Office Pub. The talented young athlete opened up about her proudest moments, dedication to the sport, and her pre-game routines that have contributed to her success on the court.

When asked about her proudest achievement, Gilbert emphasized the dedication and hard work that she and her teammates put into the game. Reflecting on their victories in the MVAC and the strong team connection, she acknowledged the challenges they overcame, including injuries, and the unwavering commitment from the entire team.

Gilbert also provided insight into the rigorous behind-the-scenes work required for success, emphasizing the long hours of practice, drills, film sessions, and summer leagues that lay the foundation for their on-court performances.

One surprising reveal during the interview was Gilbert’s pre-game rituals and superstitions. From selecting a specific song for each season to wearing the same spandex for different games, tying her shoes a certain way, and even holding on to specific pregame routines, Gilbert highlighted the importance of maintaining a consistent mindset and preparation for each game.

Amidst these revelations, it was evident that basketball holds a special place in Gilbert’s heart, with the sport providing her with a constant source of joy, motivation, and a means to connect with others.

As a rising star in Mineral Ridge’s basketball scene, Gianna Gilbert’s future looks bright, and her dedication to the sport is sure to inspire many aspiring athletes.

The YSN interview shed light on both the hard work and passion that drive Gianna Gilbert’s success, offering an inspiring glimpse into the life and mindset of this young basketball phenom.



MINERAL RIDGE, OH- In a recent episode of the YSN podcast, Mineral Ridge Lady Rams’ coach, Amy Harrison, sat down with host DJ Yokley to discuss the team’s remarkable 22-season, which culminated in an 11-1 record and a share of the MVAC championship.

During the interview, Coach Harrison reflected on the program’s success and the transition from being a player to coaching a new generation of players. She expressed gratitude for the coaching she received as a player and highlighted the continuity of the program as former players, now coaches themselves, are involved in shaping the next generation of players.

Moreover, Coach Harrison shared her pride in the team’s accomplishments and discussed how she instills the value of pride, respect, and multi-sport participation in her players. She also acknowledged the challenges faced by female athletes and emphasized the importance of encouraging versatile athletic participation.

Looking towards the future, Coach Harrison discussed the transition from a winning season to preparing for new challenges, noting the significance of maintaining the players’ confidence and drive for success. She credited the strong personalities of the team and stressed the importance of maintaining a winning mindset from one season to the next.

The conversation shed light on the close-knit community of Mineral Ridge, where Coach Harrison has deep personal connections and where she has dedicated herself to shaping future generations of athletes. She expressed her pride in raising the championship banner and how the experience is something her players will carry with them throughout their lives.

In the spirit of reflection, Coach Harrison revealed that if she could change one thing from the season, it would be to start one of the games differently, believing that an altered approach could have made a significant difference.

The episode provided valuable insight into the dedication and passion Coach Amy Harrison brings to the Mineral Ridge Lady Rams’ basketball program, as well as the impactful experience of leading a successful team in a tight-knit community.



LISBON, OH – In a recent development, the Lisbon community has welcomed the esteemed Dana Blackburn as the new head volleyball coach for the Lisbon Lady Blue Devil volleyball team at David Anderson High School. Blackburn, a familiar name in the local sports scene who has previously made significant contributions to YSN (Your Sports Network), brings with her a wealth of experience and a passion for mentoring young athletes.

With a career spanning over 35 years, Blackburn is set to bring her expertise to the high school level after making her mark at the middle school level. Emphasizing the importance of timing in her decision to take on this new role, Blackburn expressed that her current life stage allows her the time and dedication needed to build a successful program.

Notably, Blackburn aims to instill a strong work ethic, accountability, and character in her players, values she has honed through her extensive coaching experience. Furthermore, she envisions empowering her team to compete at the highest level within their league, with a particular eye on achieving parity with their formidable opponents from the EOAC.

In addition to her focus on on-court performance, Blackburn intends to collaborate with the wider community, recognizing the pivotal roles that coaches and community members play in the development of young athletes. As she and football head coach Bill Meek share the common ground of working in child development, they plan to integrate their programs and encourage community engagement throughout the season.

Expressing her excitement at this new chapter in her coaching career, Blackburn views this opportunity as the culmination of her years of commitment and hard work in coaching. With her proven track record and unwavering dedication to her craft, Blackburn’s appointment signifies a promising era for Lisbon’s volleyball program.

As the fall sports season approaches, the Lisbon community eagerly anticipates the positive impact that Coach Dana Blackburn is poised to bring to the Lady Blue Devil volleyball team. Her formidable leadership and extensive experience are set to shape the young athletes under her tutelage, ensuring a bright future for the program and its players.



2023 Fall Northeast 8 Athletic Conference Champions / Selections

Team Champion(s): South Range

Full Name School Full Name School

Player(s) of the Year Antuan Gardner Niles McKinley


Tuff McConahy Girard QB
Blake Ewert South Range RB
Cole Fulton Poland Seminary RB
Stephen Sims Girard WR
Brady Crumbacher South Range WR
Anthony Carter Struthers TE/Ath.
Chris Macioce Niles McKinley OL
Lucas Seese Hubbard OL
Sam Belest Lakeview OL
Gus Valentine South Range OL
Caleb Sakara Struthers OL
Jas Stefancin Poland Seminary K
Logan Butcher South Range P
Domenico Simone Girard Ret.


Nick Bowser Hubbard DL
Allen Hess Cardona Girard DL
Kamron Aquisto South Range DL
Alex Stefek Poland Seminary DL
Ahmad Curd-Stephens Girard LB
Luke Starkey South Range LB
Devin Braham Struthers LB
Danny Nittoli Poland Seminary LB
Andrew Brown Lakeview DB
Tristan Toy South Range DB
Jason Dukes Struthers DB
Andrew Todd Poland Seminary DB


Dom Pagano Poland Seminary QB
Garland Warren Hubbard RB
Joe Smith Niles McKinley RB
Anthony Bengala Girard WR
Kris Hrosar Niles McKinley WR

Jake Nicholas Lakeview TE/Ath.
Gabe Hamrock Hubbard OL
Dom Vince Girard OL
Tyler Canfield Poland Seminary OL
Vince Biola Struthers OL
Cam Carr South Range OL
Zack Morris Girard K
Braydon Songer Hubbard P
Dylan Smesko South Range Ret.


Isaac Griffith Girard DL
Landon Hall Lakeview DL
Oliver McCully Poland Seminary DL
Carter Waldren Niles McKinley DL
Nolan Toth Lakeview LB
D'Onte Williams Niles McKinley LB
Matt Boccieri Poland Seminary LB
Aidan Dominguez South Range LB
Michael Hazimihalis Hubbard DB
Samuel Gillis Lakeview DB
Paul Greco Poland Seminary DB
Gaven Nagy South Range DB
Vito Komara Poland Seminary DB

Team Champion(s): Lakeview

Player(s) of the Year Bree Latell Girard

Reagan Price Lakeview
Mallory Mailach Lakeview
Bailey Walters Girard
Peytyn Slovesko Hubbard
Anna Toy South Range
Scarlet Horvath Struthers
Bella Khoury Poland Seminary


Molly Stuart Lakeview
Nico Cochran Girard
Lauren Komorek Hubbard

Sarah Kuhns South Range
Mickayla Taaffe Struthers
Natalie Burosky Struthers
Hallie Capan Lakeview

Team Champion(s): Poland Seminary

Player(s) of the Year Angelo Rinaldi Poland Seminary


Michael Garwacki South Range
Michael Chambers Poland Seminary
Jason DeMonica Lakeview
Jack Carey South Range
Garrett Brajkovich Hubbard


Matthew Morrone Poland Seminary
Luke Rohan South Range
Griffin Pahanish South Range
Gabe Rusnak Hubbard
Matthew Shelley Girard

Team Champion(s): Poland Seminary

Player(s) of the Year Chloe Puhl South Range


Malorie Oyler Hubbard
Cassie Klotz Lakeview
Kelli Kover Niles McKinley
Nina Gordon Poland Seminary
Kylie Kapics Poland Seminary


Julia Ragozzino Girard
Kennedy Perline Hubbard
Olivia Loftus Poland Seminary
Delaney Godfrey Lakeview

Bethany Witmer South Range

Team Champion(s): Hubbard

Player(s) of the Year Michael Daley Poland Seminary


Logan Butcher South Range
Caleb MacKay Hubbard
Brandon Toot Lakeview
Andreas Tsikouris Poland Seminary
Jacob Gugliotta Girard
Ben Bradley Lakeview
AJ Lisko Poland Seminary
Vinny Maiorca Hubbard
Luca Regule South Range
Jacob Williams Girard
Alex Williams Girard


First Name Last Name School
Barnabe Duhautois South Range
Trent Reinard Hubbard
Jack Staffeld South Range
Skevos Tsikouris Poland Seminary
Andrew Whitfield Girard
Quinn Bulick Poland Seminary
Maddox Ifft Hubbard
Lucas Manzo Hubbard
Matthew Matiste Poland Seminary
Caden McConnell South Range
Anthony Marble-Salem Lakeview

Team Champion(s): Poland Seminary

Player(s) of the Year Sophia Generalovich Poland Seminary


Lorelai Lowe Lakeview
Cali Rodgers Niles McKinley
Taylor Bickerstaff Niles McKinley

Kiley Hamady Hubbard
Ava Blinsky Poland Seminary
Mary Brant Poland Seminary
Maddie Yost Niles McKinley
Leah Clark Lakeview
Natalie Tate Niles McKinley
Angelina Carcelli Struthers
Leanne Williams Poland Seminary


Lexa Tovtin Struthers
Giana Schubert Girard
Devin Sauerwein South Range
Daphne Hendrix Hubbard
Annabelle Humphrey Lakeview
Caitlyn Niemeyer Girard
Rheanna Barr Hubbard
Lauren Coss Poland Seminary
Lilah Angus South Range
Ava Croyle Struthers
Ava Hipple Lakeview

Team Champion(s): Lakeview

Player(s) of the Year Emmitt Slabach South Range


Anthony Marble-Salem Lakeview
Charles Reigrut South Range
Jake Langmeyer Lakeview
Griffin Oravec Lakeview
Evan Hyde Lakeview
Max Freeze South Range
Trent Miller Lakeview


Jaden Kropp Lakeview
Caleb Baun South Range
Mason Wheeler Lakeview
Luke Whitmore Lakeview
Marcus Grube Lakeview

Xavier Winner South Range
Malachi Sweeney Poland Seminary

Team Champion(s): Poland Seminary

Player(s) of the Year Jalyn Deleon Lakeview


Mila Milosevic Poland Seminary
Jackie Skruck Hubbard
Sydney Penick South Range
Giana Sabatino Girard
Kennedy Henderson Poland Seminary
Kate Harrell Poland Seminary
Sara White Poland Seminary


Kendall Yankey Girard
Emma Purton South Range
Jocelyne Salaty Poland Seminary
Isabella Smith South Range
Abigail Baun South Range
Ava Sabatino Girard
Rebecca Ruthrauff South Range

Team Champion(s): Struthers

Player(s) of the Year Lucienne Hopps Poland Seminary


Ava Croyle Struthers
Clare Coppola Struthers
Gabby Russell Struthers
Cameron Silverman Girard
Sophia Shuster Lakeview


Avah Rodgers Niles McKinley
Cadence Shorthouse Struthers

Lauren Shaw Poland Seminary
Sofia Elia Poland Seminary
Ella Yarabenetz Lakeview


BERLIN CENTER, OH- Welcome to another episode of Coach’s Corner on YSN, where we dive deep into the world of sports. In this episode, we sit down with Coach Chrissy Hughes, the volleyball coach at Western Reserve High School.

With an impressive 22-1 record and a strong performance in the playoffs, Coach Hughes and her team have been making waves in the volleyball scene. Join us as we discuss the importance of entering playoffs with a great record, the leadership of the team’s four seniors, the incredible athleticism of players like Allie Jones, and the unique challenges of coaching your own daughter.

We’ll also explore the impact of the underclassmen and the exciting future ahead for Western Reserve volleyball. So crank the volume, and get ready for a volley of insights and stories in this Coach’s Corner episode on YSN.




BERLIN CENTER, OH- Welcome back to another episode of YSN, the network that brings you profiles of exceptional young athletes. In today’s episode, we have a special focus on Alyvia Hughes, a senior at Western Reserve High School.

Alyvia is known for her incredible talent and leadership on the volleyball court. We’ll hear from Alyvia herself as she opens up about her role as a senior player, her bond with her teammates, and the impact of having her mom as her coach.

Join us as we dive into Alyvia’s journey, and her aspirations for the future, and get a glimpse into the life of a dedicated athlete. Stay tuned for an inspiring and insightful episode on YSN.