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Photo Credit: Noelle Nunes

Wickliffe, OH- In a game marked by offensive firepower, the Conneaut Spartans clashed with the Wickliffe Blue Devils, but ultimately fell short with a final score of 67-83. Despite a valiant effort, the Spartans were unable to contain the relentless scoring barrage from the Blue Devils, led by standout performances from Walter Cable and Ryan Latkovich.

Conneaut Spartans: 15 | 18 | 19 | 15 = 67
Wickliffe Blue Devils: 14 | 24 | 21 | 24 = 83

Conneaut Spartans Total Points:

  • Chance Loomis: 26
  • Noah Hamm: 18
  • Davonte Harris: 11
  • Jordan Kulko: 8
  • Ryan Turner: 2
  • JR Hutchinson: 1
  • Cayson Hayes: 1

Wickliffe Blue Devils Total Points:

  • Walter Cable: 40
  • Ryan Latkovich: 18
  • Jimmy Wheeler: 6
  • Jimmie Feaster: 5
  • Zain Zimmerman: 5
  • Andrew Rossman: 5
  • Demarrio Donner: 4

Chance Loomis led the charge for the Spartans with an impressive 26 points, showcasing his scoring prowess and determination on the court. He now sits just 4 points away from reaching the milestone of 1,000 career points as a Spartan, adding extra significance to the upcoming game against the Perry Pirates.

Noah Hamm contributed 18 points for the Spartans, while Davonte Harris added 11 points to the scoreboard. Jordan Kulko, Ryan Turner, JR Hutchinson, and Cayson Hayes also chipped in with points for the Spartans, demonstrating their balanced offensive attack.

However, the Spartans were unable to contain the offensive onslaught from the Blue Devils, led by Walter Cable’s remarkable 40-point performance. Ryan Latkovich also made significant contributions with 18 points, while Jimmy Wheeler, Jimmie Feaster, Zain Zimmerman, Andrew Rossman, and Demarrio Donner provided additional scoring support.

With this loss, the Conneaut Spartans move to a record of 4-16 on the season, but they remain determined to bounce back in their final home game against the Perry Pirates. The Spartans will look to rally around Chance Loomis as he approaches the milestone of 1,000 career points, aiming to secure a memorable victory.

As for the Wickliffe Blue Devils, they celebrate a strong home win and prepare for their final home game of the season against the Beachwood Bison. With a record of 6-13, the Blue Devils will look to build on their momentum and finish the season on a high note.


Wickliffe, OH- In a thrilling match-up, the Grand Valley Mustangs showcased their prowess on the court as they secured a hard-fought victory against the Wickliffe Blue Devils. The final scoreline of 42-35 reflects the intense competition and strategic gameplay that unfolded throughout the four quarters.

Game Highlights

The game’s opening quarter set the tone for a closely contested battle, with the Grand Valley Mustangs trailing the Wickliffe Blue Devils 9-11. However, the Mustangs demonstrated resilience and strategic skill in the subsequent quarters, outscoring their opponents and clinching the lead. The final quarter saw a remarkable display of teamwork and determination, as the Grand Valley Mustangs secured their victory with a total of 42 points to the Wickliffe Blue Devils’ 35.

Top Performers

Leading the charge for the Grand Valley Mustangs was Kaelyn Hart, contributing an impressive 13 points to the team’s total. Other notable scorers included Reagan Boiarski with 9 points, Dixie Miller with 7 points, and Cloe Turk with 5 points. The combined efforts of the team showcased the depth of talent and skill within the Grand Valley roster.

On the opposing side, the Wickliffe Blue Devils had standout performances from Ava Gabriel, who secured an impressive 22 points, and Eliza Wills, who contributed 6 points. Despite their strong individual efforts, the Blue Devils fell short against the determined play of the Grand Valley Mustangs.

Looking Ahead

With a current overall record of 3-1, the Grand Valley Mustangs are set to face the Crestwood Red Devils (1-2) in an upcoming away game on December 8, 2023. This promises to be another exciting matchup, providing the Mustangs with an opportunity to further solidify their standing in the league.

Meanwhile, the Wickliffe Blue Devils (3-1) will return to their home court for a game against the Cardinal Huskies (0-2). As they aim to return to their winning ways, the Blue Devils will be looking to build on their strengths and continue to improve.


Orwell, OH- In a matchup that needed overtime to decide the winner, the Grand Valley Mustangs faced off against the Wickliffe Blue Devils in their home opener. The game was a rollercoaster of emotions, with both teams fighting tooth and nail for victory.

The second quarter saw Wickliffe’s Ralph Jackson breaking through the Mustangs’ defense with a 13-yard touchdown run, putting the Blue Devils on the scoreboard with an extra point. The score stood at Grand Valley 0 – Wickliffe 7.

The Mustangs came roaring back in the third quarter, as Bobby Rogers bulldozed his way into the end zone with a 3-yard touchdown run. Sammy Goforth executed a flawless 2-point conversion run, giving Grand Valley the lead at 8 – 7.

But Wickliffe wasn’t to be outdone, with Jimmie Feaster responding with a 3-yard touchdown run of his own in the same quarter, along with a successful extra point. Wickliffe regained the lead at 14 – 8.

The seesaw battle continued, and in the third quarter, Sammy Goforth connected with Aiden Baker on a spectacular 30-yard touchdown pass for the Mustangs. However, the 2-point conversion attempt fell short, leaving the score tied at 14 – 14.

As regulation time ended, the tension in the stadium was palpable. Overtime was upon us, and it was Grand Valley’s Andrew Soltis who emerged as the hero, plunging into the end zone from 1 yard out to secure the thrilling victory for the Mustangs. The final score read Grand Valley 20 – Wickliffe 14.

This victory marked a significant moment for the Grand Valley Mustangs, improving their record to 2-3 and winning their first home game of the year. Looking ahead to week 6, the Mustangs are set to face the formidable Kirtland Hornets (4-1) in the CVC Valley division play at home. Meanwhile, the Wickliffe Blue Devils (1-4) will return home to take on the Trinity Trojans (1-4) as they kick off CVC Metro division play.



Wickliffe, OH- In an action-packed game, the Wickliffe football team showcased their dominance against St. John from the very beginning. The 1st quarter saw Wickliffe’s Ralph Jackson bulldozing through the defense with a 6-yard rushing touchdown, followed by a successful extra point, putting Wickliffe in the lead at 7-0. The momentum continued as Ej Mester scored an 8-yard touchdown run, and the extra point was good, extending Wickliffe’s lead to 14-0.

The 2nd quarter showcased more of Wickliffe’s offensive prowess. Nunzio Zivnoska sprinted for a spectacular 41-yard touchdown run, with the extra point sailing through the uprights, widening the gap to 21-0. Not to be outdone, Bobby Plumb powered through with a 14-yard touchdown run, and the extra point was successful, further solidifying Wickliffe’s commanding lead at 28-0.

As the game progressed into the 3rd quarter, Wickliffe’s Nunzio Zivnoska continued to dazzle with a 36-yard touchdown run, followed by a successful extra point, making the score 35-0. St. John managed to get on the scoreboard with a 65-yard touchdown pass from Vin Narducci to Will Anderson, although the 2-point conversion attempt was unsuccessful, leaving the score at 35-6. Wickliffe quickly responded with a 4-yard touchdown run by Jim Feaster, although the extra point was missed, extending their lead to 41-6. The scoring spree continued as Bobby Plumb found the end zone again with a 16-yard touchdown run, and the extra point was good, putting Wickliffe way ahead at 48-6.

In the 4th quarter, St. John managed to put together another touchdown play, with Vin Narducci connecting with Will Anderson for an 18-yard touchdown pass. However, like earlier, the 2-point conversion was unsuccessful, resulting in a score of 48-12 in favor of Wickliffe. The game concluded with Wickliffe’s dominant performance standing tall at 48-12.

With this victory, Wickliffe improved to 1-1 for the season and looks ahead to hosting Orange (1-1) in week 3. On the other hand, St. John fell to 0-2 and is set to host Beachwood (0-2) in week 3, aiming to turn their fortunes around.


BOARDMAN OH- Cardinal Mooney didn’t miss a beat on Wednesday night in their regional semifinal matchup. After dropping out of the tournament earlier than expected last season, the Cardinals have been hungry to prove what they can do this season. Their opponent Wickliffe couldn’t keep up in a 4-0 Mooney victory.

Junior Nick Pregibon was a force to be reckoned with.  His first goal came about half way through the first half. Once the first goal was scored, any nerves that Mooney had washed away.  They stayed on the attack the rest of the game. Even though Wickliffe withstood the storm for a while, with 15 minutes left in the second half, Mooney blasted three goals.  Pregibon scored two more, and Mason Janis added one in the final seconds.

With the win Mooney has advanced to the regional championship.  They’ll square up with Beachwood on Saturday at 4:00 at Howland High School.