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AUSTINTOWN, OH- In today’s episode ofPlayer Profile, we dive into the exciting world of high school football with a profile on the talented Dan Evans III from Austintown Fitch High School. Dan, also known as “D111,” has made quite the name for himself with his record-breaking performances and numerous college offers.

We’ll hear from Dan as he reflects on his journey, his senior year, and the recruitment process amidst the new normal of COVID.

But it’s not all about football with Dan. We’ll also learn about his competitive nature, his love for video games, and his favorite NFL wide receivers. And of course, we’ll discuss the important role his family and fans play in his life on and off the field

. Get ready for an exciting and insightful profile on one of Youngstown, Ohio’s most electrifying football players.



CANFIELD, OH- In today’s episode, we have an exclusive player profile featuring Jace Jaffer, the senior wide receiver for the Canfield Cardinals.

Join us as we sit down with Jace at Cocoa’s Pizza, to get an inside look at his senior year, his role as a leader in the wide receivers’ room, and his future aspirations. From his dedication to the game, to his plans for further education and building a business with his brother,

Jace shares valuable insights about his journey on and off the field. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation with a talented young athlete who has his sights set on success both in football and in the real estate industry.



East Palestine Senior Dom Posey is well-known for his incredible athleticism on the field, and on the court.  What you might not know?  His best football moment is a game against his rival, his favorite food?  Favorite musician?

Get to know Dom before the matchup with United, and understand his leadership style.

You’ll love his favorite subject in school!

Find out all about the EP #3 with YSN’s Tim Figley in this week’s Player Profile: POCKET FULL OF POSEY



The word huff is believed to have originated in the late 1500’s. It imitates the sound of blowing (sounds like puff) and is believed to be related to the word. Huff can mean to expel (release) air quickly, much like someone does when they are angry.

Source: theidioms.com

So, it’s no surprise the aptly named, Dylan Huff is having no problem in his career blowing by defenses with his speed, agility, and hands to boot.  Giving Defensive Coordinators fits across Ohio (and West Virginia.)

No matter what Dylan does, he does it well.  He’s humble, thoughtful, calculated, and talented beyond measure.  A multi-sport star for the Rebs now into his Senior year, Huff takes a few minutes with our Dimitri Gregory to reflect on what has been, and what’s to come.

Our Crestview Player Profile PROUDLY presented by NDC Heating and Cooling is Dylan Huff: HUFFING BY THE OPPOSITION.