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Story Contributed by Larry Jennings

East Ashtabula, OH- In a showdown that echoed with the weight of tradition and nostalgia, the Edgewood Warriors squared off against the Geneva Eagles in their final home match of the season. The atmosphere was electric as the Edgewood faithful filled the stands to honor the departing seniors and witness a clash of titans on the wrestling mat.

Before the first whistle blew, the spotlight shone on three remarkable seniors: Zeke Lukas, Kyle Vencill, and Ben Wolfe. These seasoned athletes have poured their hearts into the Edgewood wrestling program, and their contributions were duly celebrated. Lukas and Vencill, in particular, were lauded for reaching the impressive milestone of 100 career wins each, a testament to their dedication and skill.

As the action unfolded, spectators were treated to a gripping spectacle of athleticism and determination. The match swung like a pendulum, with momentum shifting between the two teams in a back-and-forth struggle for supremacy. It was a contest where every point mattered, and every move held the potential to sway the outcome.

In a decisive moment at the 215-pound weight class, Chris Skwera emerged as the hero for the Warriors, securing a crucial pin that propelled his team to victory. With the scoreboard reading 35-33 in favor of Edgewood, the home crowd erupted in jubilation, savoring the sweet taste of triumph.

Throughout the evening, the Warriors showcased their prowess with a display of pinning combinations and strategic maneuvers. Joining Skwera in the ranks of pinning victors were Gregory Helmbright, Vencill, and Lukas, whose stellar performances ignited cheers from the stands. Meanwhile, Haiden Peterson, Aiden Burch, and Michael Ochoa demonstrated their mettle with hard-fought decisions, contributing vital points to the team’s tally.

Amidst the thrilling exchanges, one match stood out as a testament to the grit and determination of the Warriors. Haiden Peterson’s gritty 8-5 decision victory underscored the team’s resilience in the face of formidable opposition, proving that every point earned is a step closer to victory.

While the Geneva Eagles fought valiantly, scoring pins through the efforts of Tanner Williams, Dominic Palmasano, Matthew Van Sickle, and Wyatt Habina, as well as a hard-earned decision by Liam Dittler and a forfeit victory by Nathan Miller, it was the Warriors who emerged triumphant on this memorable night.

With the home victory secured, the Edgewood Warriors now set their sights on the next challenge: the sectional matches looming on the horizon. Fueled by their indomitable spirit and hunger for success, they march forward with unwavering resolve, ready to seize their destiny on the path to the state championship. As the final whistle echoes through the arena, one thing is clear: the legacy of the Warriors endures, written in the sweat and sacrifice of champions.


Photo by MAVG Photography

Story by Larry Jennings:

1/18/24, East Ashtabula, OH- In a match held at Edgewood High School, the visiting Howland Tigers showed their prowess, defeating the Warriors by a score of 46 to 23.  Howland won 8 of the 11 matches, with both teams having a forfeit.

For Howland, Pins were recorded by Bryden Cortese, Patrick Neff, Adam Heckman, Joey Gajski, and Chris Mijavec, and decisions by Aiden O’Donnell, Deacon Mock, and in the last match of the night, Noah Swope got a takedown as time expired in the third period to win a hard fought match, 2 -0 over Ben Wolfe.
The Warriors got all their wins by pins: Gregory Helmbright III, Kyle Vencil, and Zeke Lucas, all recorded falls.
In an exhibition match, Madison Burns won over Peyton Corrigan.
The Warriors’ next event is January 26 and 27, when they travel to Beachwood for the CVC Championships, while Howland will be hosting their own 56th Howland Invitational Tournament, this coming Saturday, January 21


BERLIN CENTER, OH- In a recent episode of the MVR’s Coach’s Corner, head coach Anthony Duffield of the Western Reserve wrestling squad discussed the team’s progress and challenges faced during the ongoing season. The podcast episode shed light on the journey of the young and up-and-coming team from its promising start to the upcoming competitions.

Duffield revealed that the team had initially started the season with around 15-16 wrestlers, and despite the long and physically demanding season, the squad managed to retain its numbers with no dropouts. He discussed the impact of sickness on some of the wrestlers and expressed gratitude for the three wrestlers who placed in the recent tournament.

The podcast also delved into the coaching strategies employed by Duffield to maintain the team’s focus and drive toward the postseason. Duffield emphasized the significance of maintaining a balance between fun and serious training and highlighted the importance of instilling growth in the wrestlers both on and off the mat.

The episode also provided insights into the team’s preparations for the upcoming competitions, including an emphasis on drilling and situational wrestling to refine techniques and address conditioning concerns. Duffield also discussed the progress and leadership shown by the sophomore wrestlers, signaling a promising future for the team.

The podcast episode offered an intimate glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of the Western Reserve wrestling squad under Coach Anthony Duffield’s guidance. As the team continues its journey through the season, fans and supporters eagerly anticipate the further development and successes of the young squad.



BERLIN CENTER, OH- The Western Reserve wrestling team’s sophomore standout, Murphy Wills, is making waves as a promising athlete and emerging leader. In a recent interview with YSN’s DJ Yokley, Wills shared insights about his wrestling journey, aspirations, and personal life.

With nearly a decade of wrestling experience, Wills credits his entry into the sport to a family connection and a natural affinity for the dynamic discipline. He described the appeal of wrestling, highlighting the camaraderie and competition that forged lasting friendships with opponents.

As he matures in the sport, Wills has transitioned from a more instinctual approach to a refined technique, underlining his commitment to continuous improvement. Additionally, he embraces the role of leadership on the team, recognizing the responsibility that comes with guiding his peers and shaping the program’s future.

Looking ahead, Wills aims to make it to sectionals this year and dreams of competing at the state level in his senior year. Beyond wrestling, he plans to pursue a career as a welder and has drawn inspiration from a vocational program.

Wills spoke warmly of his family, particularly his mother, as a source of unwavering support and motivation. He also playfully shared insights into his siblings, acknowledging their potential superpowers in a lighthearted moment of fun.

As Wills continues his wrestling journey, his dedication, vision, and drive position him as a rising star within the Western Reserve wrestling team.




BERLIN CENTER, OH- In the latest episode of YSN’s “Western Reserve Wrestling Player Profile,” freshman wrestler Amelia Poracky shared her journey and aspirations in the sport, captivating audiences with her dedication and drive.

A third-year wrestler despite her freshman status, Poracky’s connection to wrestling runs deep, having been influenced by her father, uncle, brothers, and even her older sister. Her commitment to the sport and determination to prove herself as strong and brave were evident throughout the interview.
Hailing from a military family, Poracky’s resilience and dedication were further highlighted, with her own ambitions set on pursuing a career as a pilot, following in the footsteps of her father, who also served in the Marines.

Beyond wrestling, she excels in other areas, including cheerleading, golfing, and a passion for painting, showcasing her multifaceted talents and versatile interests.

With her eyes set on competing at the state level and bringing more diversity to the wrestling team, Poracky’s tenacity and ambition stand as an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers and young athletes alike.
At just the beginning of her high school journey, Amelia Poracky is already making her mark, embodying the spirit of determination and fearlessness. As she continues to pursue her dreams, the Western Reserve community eagerly anticipates her future successes in both wrestling and her endeavors beyond the mat.



The Wrestling season is starting to hear up as the callender inches closer to January.  With our YSN grapplers getting into the groove of the season, we start to see who is going to be separating themselves from the rest.  YSN’s wrestling guru, and the head coach at Wellsville Gary Althiser joins Anthony Hartwig on Running Point for another edition of Wrestling Wednesdays.  They discuss the hot start Beaver Local is out to, West Brach sending their first girls team representative to a match in school history, and much more.

Also in the Episode, special guest Nick Bowser from Hubbard.  Nick is one of the area, and states best heavyweight wrestlers.  His sophomore he missed out on a trip to state thanks to a tough 1-0 decision and last season although he pushed through to Columbus, injuries hampered his ability to shine the way he knows how on that stage.  That just means the lights are ready to shine the brightest in his senior season.  He’s certainly no stranger to big time wrestling. He has clear goals to be the first wrestler to bring a trophy back to Hubbard. The road is long, the journey is tough, but what can’t Bowser do? Enjoy Episode 4 of Wrestling Wednesdays with special guest Nick Bowser.

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BERLIN CENTER, OH- In a recent episode of YSN’s Coach’s Corner, Anthony Duffield, the first-year coach of the Western Reserve wrestling program, discussed the challenges he faced in his inaugural year and the promising future of the team.

Coach Duffield candidly shared the initial financial struggles of the program, revealing that when he started, there was barely any funding with only a dollar in the account. He mentioned that the team had to engage in door-to-door fundraising during the summer, ultimately raising an impressive $5,000. This allowed the program to acquire much-needed equipment, including two sets of singlets and warm-ups for the wrestlers.

Despite the financial hurdles, Duffield’s dedication to the sport and the team’s potential shone through. Duffield spoke passionately about his love for wrestling, having wrestled since a young age and even competing in college. His enthusiasm for the sport and determination to provide a positive experience for the athletes was evident throughout the interview.

The conversation also highlighted the promising talent within the team, with Duffield expressing confidence in the skill and potential of the 15 wrestlers under his guidance. Notably, the team included one female wrestler, Amelia Paraki, who earned praise for her dedication and perseverance on the mat.

Duffield’s commitment to the sport and the Western Reserve wrestling program was evident, showcasing the positive impact he aims to instill in the athletes. As the team continues to grow, Duffield’s leadership and passion are poised to guide the program towards further success in the coming years.
Overall, the episode provided insights into the challenges faced and triumphs achieved by Coach Duffield and the Western Reserve wrestling program, offering a glimpse into the determination and passion that drives the team forward.

By providing these details, the article highlights the overcoming of financial challenges, the passion for wrestling, and the potential growth of the program, effectively capturing the essence of the YSN podcast episode.



BERLIN CENTER, OH- Title: In a recent interview on the YSN podcast, senior wrestler Sincere Green from the Western Reserve Blue Devil program shared his experiences as a key player in the wrestling team, shedding light on his aspirations both in the ring and out.

As part of the relatively new program at Western Reserve, Green discussed the importance of establishing the team’s identity and earning recognition for their hard work. Bringing attention to the dedication and talent of the team, Green highlighted the valuable guidance of Coach Duffield, who has high expectations for the team.

Green’s passion for wrestling is evident as he delved into his wrestling style and aspirations for the season, emphasizing the importance of being in top form and striving for success. He also spoke about his appreciation for the sport and the dedication required to improve, particularly through training with his partners, Tyler and Avery.

Notably, Green shared his interests beyond wrestling, revealing his potential career path in the culinary arts. Currently enrolled in a culinary program at MCCTC, he expressed his love for cooking and revealed a talent for creating delectable dishes, including his famed mashed potatoes. Green’s desire to pursue a culinary career reflects his diverse talents and aspirations beyond the wrestling arena.

As Green continues to make his mark on the mat, his commitment to both wrestling and culinary arts showcases his determination and versatility. With the support of his team and his sights set on achieving a winning record, Sincere Green stands as a testament to dedication, resilience, and a multifaceted approach to success.




BERLIN CENTER, OH- In a recent interview with YSN’s player profile, Tyler Cummings, a senior from the Western Reserve wrestling program, shared insights into his life as a student-athlete. Cummings, who is known for his hard work and dedication, expressed his gratitude for the support of his coach and fellow teammates.

With high praises from his coach and being a district state qualifier, Cummings remains focused and driven for success. As one of the team’s captains, he takes on a leadership role in the wrestling room, helping and guiding his teammates to stay on track and achieve their best.

Cummings emphasized the importance of perseverance and practice in honing his wrestling skills, indicating that continuous practice is the key to improvement. Outside of wrestling, Cummings spends his time in the gym, emphasizing the importance of physical fitness in enhancing his wrestling abilities.
Being a part of a supportive community has been a motivating force for Cummings, as he values the backing of his peers and community members during his matches. He credits this supportive environment for providing him with added motivation and confidence.

When asked about his role models, Cummings acknowledged a former graduate, Seth, as a source of inspiration, highlighting the impact of hard work and dedication. He also mentioned his parents as his biggest supporters, expressing gratitude for their unwavering presence at his matches and their pride in his achievements.

As he looks towards the future, Cummings hopes to leave a legacy as a hard worker and inspire others to achieve their goals through dedication and persistence. With his determined mindset and continuous efforts, Cummings is set to make a lasting impact in the wrestling community.
Stay tuned for more updates on Tyler Cummings and his wrestling journey on YSN.




COLUMBIANA, OH- The latest episode of “Catching the Curb” podcast featured Bob Camardo, the legendary co-host of the show, who discussed the ongoing success of the luncheons organized by the Curbstone coaches. These luncheons have been a mainstay of the Valley’s December events, offering both delectable food and exceptional speakers.

The speakers at the luncheons have included luminaries such as Dana Balash, Channel 21 sports director, and professional statistician Tom Bochenik, who enthralled the audience with their insights and stories from the sports world. Bob Camardo also gave a glimpse into the upcoming speakers, including renowned personalities in wrestling, boxing, and baseball, creating an exciting lineup for the coming weeks.

The podcast also delved into the selection process of the speakers, with Bob sharing that the committee carefully chooses individuals with remarkable stories and connections to the local sports community. Additionally, the episode highlighted the importance of memberships, encouraging the public to join the Curbstone coaches and support their charitable endeavors.

Furthermore, Chuck Fizet, a key figure within the organization, provided a sneak peek into the Curbstone coaches’ future plans, unveiling the list of honorees for the upcoming banquet. This highly anticipated event, set for May 5, promises an evening of recognition and inspiration, with guest speaker Gene Steratore, renowned for his involvement in NCAA and NFL officiating.

Additionally, the Curbstone coaches’ commitment to charitable giving was underscored, with Chuck enumerating a list of local charities that have benefited from the organization’s generosity in the past year. The selfless dedication to giving back to the community reflects the organization’s profound love for the Mahoning Valley.

The episode concluded with a heartfelt message from Chuck, emphasizing the Curbstone coaches’ dedication to making the area better through their love of sports and charitable contributions. Overall, the podcast provided an inside look at the impactful work of the Curbstone coaches, highlighting their unwavering commitment to sports, community, and philanthropy.