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COLUMBIANA, OH- Sometimes it’s hard being the youngest sibling.  Growing up in the shadows of your brother or sister can put an immense amount of pressure on the younger child.

But sometimes, pressure creates a diamond.  In Crestview, Coach Cusick is ecstatic about his do-it-all senior, Brandon Yanssens.  Yanssens is a speedster who flies to the football, but found his role on the team early on as a kicker, and has blossomed into a nightmare for the opposition.  You can’t plan for the speed, and agility of #2 on the football field, and when you add in the new beautiful turf at CHS- good luck slowing him down now.

The gold-medalist in track also has shown his talent in the classroom with a 3.92 GPA that shines bright on an application for college.

We had a chance to catch up with Brandon Yanssens in this week’s Crestview Player Profile: Yanssens Can.