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MINERAL RIDGE, OH- At YSN, we shine the spotlight on young athletes who redefine commitment and passion. Today, we delve into the remarkable world of Kylee Molnar, a Mineral Ridge rising star whose dedication to sports is as inspiring as it is intense. DJ Yokley, host of YSN, sat down with Kylee to discuss her love for athletics, her punishing schedule, and the drive that catapults her towards success.

Since her early feature on YSN, Kylee has become a familiar name, not just for her prowess in multiple sports but for her genuine outlook towards her future. When asked about her motivation, Kylee shared, “I want to go to college for playing sports. Of course, I have a scholarship so my parents don’t have to pay for it.” Displaying maturity beyond her years, Kylee’s focus on securing a sports scholarship reflects her considerate nature and long-term vision.

A testament to her athletic versatility and enthusiasm, Kylee doesn’t restrict herself to a single sport – or even two. She juggles an astounding array of activities, including basketball, volleyball, cross country, track, and club sports. With such a packed routine, one might wonder how she manages it all. Yes, Kylee keeps a meticulous schedule. “I used to get up at like 05:00 a.m. before school started… Then I went to volleyball practice after, for 2 hours and, and then after volleyball I went to lifting and then I had to get a jump stretch after that,” she says, outlining a day that would exhaust even seasoned athletes.

The rigors of her routine are palpable when she discusses her workouts. “It could be hills some days. Linda loops, 400 repeats, mile repeats, six-mile runs. Just crazy stuff,” Kylee explains, revealing the extent of her training. These early morning workouts set the tone for the rest of her day which includes a full slate of school, sports, and study.

Balancing a high-octane sports regimen with schoolwork and family time isn’t easy, but Kylee does it with poise and discipline. When DJ Yokley asked what she enjoys outside of sports, her response was heartwarming, “I spend time with my family, but I also volunteer. My mom’s the booster, so I have to volunteer at the concession stand and on the field.”

Despite her disciplined diet, Kylee confesses her love for ‘pop’, or as some may call it, soda. “My cross country coach, he says it’s poison for me, but I really like some pop.” She proclaims root beer as her favorite, painting a picture of a regular teenager beneath the elite athlete.

When it comes to leadership, Kylee envisions her role as one of guidance and support: “Just speaking up, like helping people who don’t know what they’re doing, like trying to get them to the best of their abilities.” Kylee’s understanding of leadership extends beyond mere performance; it’s about empowering her teammates to reach their peak potential.

Kylee’s achievements are indeed impressive. DJ Yokley pointed out her accomplishments in junior high cross country, noting she “finished third at the league meet, making first team all MVAC finished 7th at the state meet out of 132 other runners.” Not just a talented runner, Kylee simultaneously excelled as a key player on the 8th-grade volleyball team.

As the interview came to a close, it became clear that Kylee thrives under pressure. Relishing the adrenaline rush, she shared, “That’s incredible… You’re at your best when the stage is biggest.” This sentiment embodies the spirit of a true competitor, one who consistently chases excellence with boundless energy and unwavering commitment.

From YSN, we salute Kylee Molnar for her exceptional prowess as an athlete and commend her efforts both on and off the field. Keep an eye on this outstanding Mineral Ridge player as she heads into high school. There’s no telling the heights she’ll reach, and we can’t wait to chronicle her journey.



YOUNGSTOWN, OH- Local legend and former football quarterback Bernie Kosar, known for his career with the Cleveland Browns and the University of Miami, shared valuable insights and experiences during a special interview for the YSN podcast. The interview was part of the lead-up to the YSN slam dunk contest taking place at Boardman High School.

Kosar expressed gratitude for being able to contribute to the YSN event and outlined the importance of community involvement and giving back. He emphasized the challenges that young athletes face today, particularly in dealing with pressures and anxieties, and highlighted the need for holistic approaches to mental well-being.

During the interview, Kosar also touched on the lessons he learned through sports, emphasizing discipline, respect, and the value of competing on and off the field. He discussed the impact of sports on young athletes, emphasizing the importance of nurturing life skills and holistic development.
Additionally, Kosar shared his personal journey in dealing with health challenges and the importance of seeking natural and holistic approaches to well-being. He spoke openly about the adverse effects of certain medications and the responsibility he feels in sharing his experiences to support others in making informed decisions regarding their health.

Kosar’s heartfelt and candid reflections were a source of inspiration for many, and his commitment to giving back to his community and supporting the next generation of athletes was evident throughout the interview.

The YSN event, set to take place, promises to not only showcase athletic talent but also underscore the importance of community involvement and support. Kosar’s participation has added an extra layer of significance to the event, and his message of resilience, self-improvement, and community engagement is sure to resonate with attendees.

As the YSN event approaches, the community eagerly anticipates the positive impact that Kosar’s insights and the overall event will bring to local sports and the community at large.



COLUMBIANA, OH- Former middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik is set to be a judge at the upcoming YSN All-Star Slam Dunk Contest this Sunday. The announcement of Pavlik as one of the judges was made during a recent episode of the YSN podcast, where host DJ Yokley and guest Kelly Pavlik discussed the event and Pavlik’s involvement.

Pavlik shared his excitement about being part of the event, expressing his support for youth sports and the opportunity to witness young athletes showcase their skills. He also offered insightful tips for the participants, emphasizing the importance of creativity and execution in their performances.

In addition to his role as a judge, Pavlik discussed his passion for training athletes and his efforts to provide opportunities for young individuals in the Mahoning Valley through his nonprofit gym. He highlighted the comprehensive programs offered at the gym, encompassing strength conditioning, boxing training, counseling services, and tutoring, aimed at promoting holistic development among the participants.

Furthermore, Pavlik shed light on an upcoming amateur boxing fundraiser, scheduled for May 11 at the Metroplex in Liberty. The event aims to support the sustainability of the gym and provide opportunities for young boxers to showcase their talents.

Pavlik welcomed sponsorships and table bookings for the fundraiser, extending an invitation for support from the community. Interested individuals were encouraged to contact the gym or visit in person for further details.

The article ends with a note of gratitude as Pavlik thanked the YSN team for the opportunity and expressed his anticipation for the upcoming event.

For a detailed insight into the conversation, tune in to the latest episode of the YSN podcast.
For more information about the YSN All-Star Slam Dunk Contest and the amateur boxing fundraiser, interested parties can reach out to Kelly Pavlik’s gym at 330-565-8665 or visit the gym during operating hours.



MINERAL RIDGE, OH- Ava Hulett, a standout junior athlete at Mineral Ridge High School, is setting her sights on leaving a lasting legacy in her senior year. In a recent interview with YSN’s DJ Yokley at the Post Office Pub, Hulett shared her thoughts on her impressive basketball season, her multi-sport dedication, and her aspirations for the future.

Hulett, a key player in the girls’ basketball program at Mineral Ridge, expressed pride in her team’s performance, despite the challenges of a tough schedule. The team’s resilience and unity were evident as they overcame obstacles throughout the season.

As a multi-sport athlete, Hulett balances her focus between basketball and volleyball, showcasing her determination and versatility both on and off the court. Her commitment to excellence serves as an inspiration to young athletes in the community.

Looking ahead to her senior year, Hulett reflects on the opportunities available to female athletes in today’s sports landscape. She emphasizes the importance of hard work and perseverance, acknowledging the impact of being a role model to aspiring athletes.

With her eyes set on her final year, Hulett aims to achieve a significant milestone in basketball by reaching 1,000 points and potentially breaking a school record. Her dedication and drive have already garnered attention, positioning her among the elite athletes in the region.

As Hulett continues to excel in her athletic endeavors, she remains focused on leaving a lasting mark at Mineral Ridge High School. Her determination and sportsmanship make her a role model for young athletes and a force to be reckoned with on and off the court.

The Mineral Ridge community eagerly anticipates the next chapter in Hulett’s athletic journey as she continues to shine in her pursuits.



YOUNGSTOWN, OH-  Madison Tromler, an esteemed journalist and news anchor from Channel 21, WFMJ, is no stranger to making waves in Mahoning Valley with her exceptional reporting skills. In a candid and engaging interview with YSN’s DJ Yokley, Madison shared insights into her career, personal life, and her excitement about participating as a guest judge at the upcoming March 24 all-star game.

Since joining the news industry, Madison has continuously set the bar for journalistic excellence, bringing her extensive experience and dedicated work ethic to cover a wide range of pivotal local and national stories. Known for her compassionate and thorough approach, she has earned accolades for her extensive reporting on both tragic and triumphant events, bringing impactful stories to viewers with empathy and professionalism.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of the interview was Madison’s candid discussion about her life outside of the newsroom. Despite her high-profile role, Madison described herself as a down-to-earth individual who enjoys simple pleasures such as spending time with family, savoring delicious seafood, and incorporating wellness activities into her routine. Her commitment to maintaining a balanced life while excelling in her career is a testament to her resilience and determination.

Madison’s unique perspective as a journalist was evident as she shared anecdotes about her experiences covering major events, from interviewing iconic figures like Erin Brockovich to confronting important issues with political figures. Her dedication to keeping the public informed and holding public figures accountable underscores her deep commitment to serving the community through her work.

It is clear that Madison’s contributions to the field of journalism extend far beyond her on-screen presence. Her impressive journey in the industry is a testament to her passion for storytelling and her unwavering dedication to delivering impactful news to the Mahoning Valley. As she takes on her new role as a guest judge, it is evident that Madison Tromler’s multifaceted expertise and genuine demeanor will continue to inspire and captivate audiences for years to come.



MINERAL RIDGE, OH-  In a recent interview on the YSN, Mineral Ridge Athletic Director Jen Stith discussed the significance of her hometown community, the evolving landscape of women in sports, and the potential impact of the expansion of divisions in the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA).

Stith, who has deep roots in Mineral Ridge as a former student and long-time educator, expressed her personal connection to the community and the special role it plays in the success of the athletic programs. She highlighted the supportive and family-like atmosphere that has contributed to the rise of girls’ sports and the positive relationships between coaches and students.

Addressing the changing perceptions of women in sports, Stith shared her perspective as a woman athletic director in what was traditionally a male-dominated arena. She emphasized the growing recognition of women’s capabilities and the increasing opportunities for women to take on leadership roles in athletics at all levels.

When discussing the OHSAA division expansion, Stith expressed optimism about the potential for more competitive balance, particularly for smaller schools like Mineral Ridge. She hoped that the move would provide opportunities for schools of similar sizes to compete at a level where they can excel and achieve success, suggesting that it could lead to more championships.

Stith also touched on the significance of rivalries within the community, underlining the role of community engagement and support in fostering a strong sports culture.

The interview with Jen Stith provided valuable insights into the intersection of community, women in sports, and the future of high school athletics in Ohio. As Mineral Ridge continues to thrive in its athletic endeavors, Stith’s perspective offers a unique and important outlook on the impact of these interconnected elements on the sports landscape.

Overall, Jen Stith’s reflections serve as a testament to the transformative power of community support, the increasing prominence of women in sports leadership, and the potential benefits of the OHSAA division expansion for schools like Mineral Ridge.



EAST PALESTINE, OH- As the high school basketball season unfolds, the competition is fierce, and teams are jockeying for position in the rankings. Your Sports Network (YSN) has evaluated teams based on various factors, including the Rating Percentage Index (RPI), winning percentage (WP), opponent winning percentage (OWP), and opponent’s opponent winning percentage (OOWP) and recent success/momentum. Let’s dive into the rankings:

1. John F. Kennedy Catholic (Warren)
– **RPI:** 0.728116
– **WP:** 0.923077
– **OWP:** 0.635416
– **OOWP:** 0.545958
– **W/L:** 12-2

 2. Ursuline (Youngstown)
– **RPI:** 0.690662
– **WP:** 0.833333
– **OWP:** 0.603117
– **OOWP:** 0.584951
– **W/L:** 10-2

3. LaBrae (Leavittsburg)
– **RPI:** 0.64529
– **WP:** 0.846154
– **OWP:** 0.537842
– **OOWP:** 0.474336
– **W/L:** 11-2

4. East Liverpool – 0.637339

5. David Anderson (Lisbon) – 0.631076

6. Canfield – 0.631733

7. Poland Seminary (Poland) – 0.612005

8. Pymatuning Valley (Andover) – 0.612984

9. Cardinal Mooney (Youngstown) – 0.617002

10. Badger (Kinsman) – 0.61758

11. West Branch (Beloit) – 0.61894

12. Springfield (New Middletown) – 0.603519

13. Austintown Fitch – 0.600702

14. Edgewood (Ashtabula) – 0.594858

15. Heartland Christian (Columbiana) – 0.583468

16. Newton Falls – 0.57736

17. Memorial (Campbell) – 0.577266

18. Columbiana – 0.574458

19. South Range (Canfield) – 0.589136

20. Hubbard – 0.509149

21. Lowellville – 0.526699

22. Waterloo (Atwater) – 0.561961

23. Howland (Warren) – 0.523109

24. East (Youngstown) – 0.521267

25. McDonald – 0.492494




Lakeview (Cortland)



United (Hanoverton)

Orange (Pepper Pike)

Note: The teams are ranked in descending order based on their RPI values.

These rankings provide a snapshot of the current landscape in high school basketball. The teams are battling hard, and every game counts as they aim for success in the season. Stay tuned for more updates as the competition unfolds.


COLUMBIANA, OH-  Renowned YSN photographer, Gary Leininger, recently sat down with DJ Yokley for a candid interview on the YSN Power Hour. Leininger, known affectionately as the “fly” shared insights into his passion for capturing sports moments, his involvement with the YSN family, and his deep connections within the Salem community.

Leininger’s journey with YSN began with a simple offer to help during a signing in Salem. From there, a strong friendship and working relationship blossomed. He expressed his unwavering commitment to YSN, emphasizing that he doesn’t do it for financial gain but rather for the love of showcasing high school athletes’ accomplishments and the positive impact it has on the community.

The conversation shed light on Leininger’s early interest in photography, which stemmed from his high school days. He shared captivating anecdotes from various sporting events, including interactions with iconic figures like Bill Cowher and Albert Belle. Leininger also touched on his favorite assignments, such as shooting state championships and memorable moments from Browns and Indians games.

Beyond sports, Leininger’s commitment to family and community shone through. He highlighted the importance of family time and shared heartwarming experiences with his grandchildren, Jack and Ellie. Moreover, as the proud owner of Lisbon’s Dairy Queen, he expressed how his family instilled the value of hospitality and community engagement in him.

Leininger’s dedication to his craft was evident as he discussed the meticulous art of sports photography. He offered insight into overcoming challenges, such as sifting through thousands of pictures to capture the perfect shots, and his ongoing quest to innovate and capture unique moments from diverse sporting events.

The interview provided a glimpse into Leininger’s impact as a photographer and a cherished member of the YSN family. His enduring dedication to preserving the essence of high school sports through his lens continues to amplify the YSN experience.

Gary Leininger’s journey stands as a testament to the power of passion, community, and the art of storytelling through photography.

For more of Gary Leininger’s captivating sports photography, be sure to visit YSN’s SmugMug page (ysn.smugmug.com) and immerse yourself in the magic of every captured moment.



PEPPER PIKE, OH-  Senior basketball player Ernest Pryor from Orange High School is gearing up for his most awaited season yet as he looks to leave his mark on the court. In a recent interview with YSN, Pryor expressed his anticipation for his senior year, emphasizing his team’s goal to win a district championship and his personal aspiration to play college basketball.

Pryor, known for his sharpshooting abilities, is determined to elevate his game and improve on his defensive skills to contribute more effectively to the team. He also acknowledged the significance of his close-knit senior teammates and the invaluable support from their new coach, Coach Marv, a former college basketball player.

In the interview, Pryor also credited his parents and a Navy Seal as his role models, attributing their guidance and perseverance as sources of motivation. His determination to make the most of his senior year reflects his desire to avoid the regrets of missed opportunities, serving as a driving force behind his efforts on the court.

With a strong sense of purpose and a passion for the game, Pryor is poised to lead his team to success this season. As he prepares for his future beyond high school, he remains focused on making the most of his basketball career and realizing his dreams at the collegiate level.

As Ernest Pryor’s senior season unfolds, it’s clear that his dedication to the sport and his team will continue to define his legacy at Orange High School.




COLUMBIANA, OH- The latest episode of “Catching the Curb” podcast featured Bob Camardo, the legendary co-host of the show, who discussed the ongoing success of the luncheons organized by the Curbstone coaches. These luncheons have been a mainstay of the Valley’s December events, offering both delectable food and exceptional speakers.

The speakers at the luncheons have included luminaries such as Dana Balash, Channel 21 sports director, and professional statistician Tom Bochenik, who enthralled the audience with their insights and stories from the sports world. Bob Camardo also gave a glimpse into the upcoming speakers, including renowned personalities in wrestling, boxing, and baseball, creating an exciting lineup for the coming weeks.

The podcast also delved into the selection process of the speakers, with Bob sharing that the committee carefully chooses individuals with remarkable stories and connections to the local sports community. Additionally, the episode highlighted the importance of memberships, encouraging the public to join the Curbstone coaches and support their charitable endeavors.

Furthermore, Chuck Fizet, a key figure within the organization, provided a sneak peek into the Curbstone coaches’ future plans, unveiling the list of honorees for the upcoming banquet. This highly anticipated event, set for May 5, promises an evening of recognition and inspiration, with guest speaker Gene Steratore, renowned for his involvement in NCAA and NFL officiating.

Additionally, the Curbstone coaches’ commitment to charitable giving was underscored, with Chuck enumerating a list of local charities that have benefited from the organization’s generosity in the past year. The selfless dedication to giving back to the community reflects the organization’s profound love for the Mahoning Valley.

The episode concluded with a heartfelt message from Chuck, emphasizing the Curbstone coaches’ dedication to making the area better through their love of sports and charitable contributions. Overall, the podcast provided an inside look at the impactful work of the Curbstone coaches, highlighting their unwavering commitment to sports, community, and philanthropy.