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BOARDMAN OH- Captains have to be unwavering in their ability to not just carry a team statistically, but energetically, and emotionally. Boardman senior Zoey Fick-Mills embodies those characteristics to a tee.  Golf can be a sport where players can easily get down on themselves. It will humble you fast. Zoey is the player that can keep her teammates calm and collected through the slumps a golf course if certain to bring.  If you ask the younger members of the golf team, the answer will be unanimous, Zoey is the rock of the team.

Zoey definitely backs up her leadership on the course with the way she swings the club. She finished 2nd in the AAC in their new points system for golf. She has been a medalist plenty of times in matches and events this season. She is Boardman’s number 1, and she brings every other player along with her. She is a leader that who’s impact will be felt for years to come. With the program adding 6 freshman this season.  They’ll sponge as much wisdom as they can from Zoey this season, and her legacy will last.

Zoey took the time to spend some time with YSN’s Running Point to talk about leading this Spartans team.  She talks to Richie Juliano and Anthony Hartwig about being named a captain this season, what hole she shoots the best at Mill Creek Golf Course, and so much more. Don’t miss this one. Check out the latest Boardman Golf Player Profile only on YSN!

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