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LIVE BROADCASTS: 2/11 – Girls Basketball vs Howland
(Schedule subject to change) 2/12 – Boys Basketball vs Struthers
2/13 – Girls Basketball @ South Range
2/15 – Boys Basketball @ Poland

02-15-2019Boys Basketball@ Poland
02-13-2019Girls Basketball@ South Range
02-12-2019Boys Basketballvs Struthers
02-11-2019Girls Basketballvs Howland
02-08-2019Boys Basketbllvs South Range
02-07-2019Girls Basketballvs Poland
02-05-2019Boys Basketball@ Girard
02-04-2019Girls Basketball@ Struthers
02-01-2019Boys Basketballvs Lakeview
01-28-2019Girls Basketballvs Girard
01-25-2019Boys Basketball@ Hubbard
01-22-2019Boys Basketballvs Champion
01-18-2019Boys Basketballvs Poland
01-17-2019Girls Basketballvs Hubbard
01-15-2019Boys Basketball@ Struthers
01-11-2019Boys Basketball@ South Range
01-10-2019Girls Basketball@ Poland
01-08-2019Boys Basketballvs Girard
01-07-2019Girls Basketballvs Struthers
01-04-2019Boys Basketballvs Edgewood
12-29-2018Girls Basketballvs McDonald
12-29-2018WrestlingNortheast 8 Duals
12-20-2018Girls Basketballvs South Range
12-17-2018Girls Basketball@ Girard
12-15-2018Girls Basketball@ Hubbard
12-14-2018Boys Basketballvs Hubbard
12-13-2018Girls Basketballvs Lakeview
12-10-2018Girls Basketballvs Jefferson
12-08-2018Girls Basketballvs Brookfield
12-04-2018Boys Basketball@ Salem
12-03-2018Girls Basketballvs Champion

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