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“Individual commitment to a group effort-that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” -Vince Lombardi.

Sports has a way of uniting people from different backgrounds in the pursuit of one goal. They develop character, teach life lessons, and provide athletes a platform to achieve goals never thought imaginable. Unfortunately for our four seniors due to circumstances beyond their control that platform was yanked from beneath them.

Sports teaches life lessons. One of those lessons, “life is not always fair” is being taught in the cruelest of  ways. Of all the different possibilities this season held, the events that have transpired were the last thing anyone would have imagined. As difficult of a situation this has been, I know these kids will overcome this adverse situation and use it as a positive going forward in their life’s endeavours.

I would like to thank my seniors for their hard work, leadership, and commitment they have demonstrated throughout their career here at South Range.

Justin Marrie, was slated to play as a corner outfielder this season.

Matthew Lucas, was expected to factor in as a corner outfielder this season. These seniors would have provided us with much needed depth in our outfield to handle all game situations.

Nolan Shannon, trained extremely hard this offseason. He was coming off a strong 2019 campaign and was one of our top arms heading into this season. He was expected to give us a high volume of innings on the mound and play a key role in trying to repeat as league champions.

Kristopher Scandy, returns as a starter from the 2018 State Championship team. He was expected to provide leadership and experience anchoring our middle infield, as well as hit at the top of our batting order.

These seniors will be missed. Their contributions to the program over their 4 years at South Range will not be forgotten. Their  hard work, leadership, and commitment will serve them well moving forward in the next chapter of their lives. South Range Baseball is very proud of what you have accomplished over the course of your career, and is forever grateful for what you brought to the program. South Range wishes you the best of luck, and looks forward to your future accomplishments.

Once your Coach, forever your friend.


Jim Hanek

South Range Varsity Baseball Coach