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CORTLAND OH- The last time we talked to Maddie Bayus it was her sophomore season. She was a brand new varsity libero and she set the world on fire from the start. Now as a senior, you can really tell just how much she’s even grown since her sophomore season. She is one of the best liberos in the area hands down.  Being a libero is still tough like we said it was in the last article for Maddie, but she makes it look easy.  Bayus has always been good at reacting to big hits and moving into the right position. What she has added to her weapons as a player is a massively good serve receive, and a leadership in the back row. When you watch Lakeview’s offense you’ll quickly discover how important good passing is to their success. They want to dominate the middle. You can’t do that unless you pass well. Maddie is a great passer, she has always been a great passer, but now she is making everyone else in the back row a better passer as well.  She’s a senior now and this is our last chance to see her on the floor.

Maddie has been excellent on defense this season. She has racked up 304 digs on the season which is by far the team lead.  Teams want to attack her on the serve, and she has made them pay. She leads the team in serve receives with 337.  Serve to her at your own risk.


Maddie was kind enough to talk to us again this season and let us know even more about her. She talks with Anthony Hartwig about the biggest difference between sophomore and senior seasons, future plans, and much more. There’s still plenty of Bayhem in Lakeview. Don’t miss a minute of it in the latest Lakeview Player Profile only on YSN!

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