A sport is a world that has understandable and fair rules: self-improvement, fair play,
training, and the uncertainty of the outcome in advance. That is why it is engaging
(albeit problematic) to do sports. Students-athletes sometimes experience setbacks
and lose crucial competitions. They constantly need moral support and advice on how
to achieve their goals and become successful.

Reading is considered an effective way of self-help as meditation, relaxation, or yoga.
Famous sportsmen's biographies and memoirs are always fascinating to readers.
Constant competition and the desire to become better motivate students to conquer
new peaks. Only strong people remain in professional sports. Here are books about
athletes who may not have been at the top all the time, but they got there.

“Open: An Autobiography” by Andrea Agassi

Motivational literature about athletes inspires them to do sports and achieve success.
Andrea Agassi is a world-famous tennis player. In his book, he told that his chief
opponent was not the opponent on the opposite side of the court but himself.
Moreover, Agassi hated tennis, and his father pushed him to the court from an early
age. He felt unhappy, but at the same time, it allowed him to go tournament after
tournament to the status of an absolute champion.
How can students find free time for reading?

The sportsman’s student life is often overloaded with constant training and much
homework. Students sometimes get the task to write an essay on best-selling books
like “Parable of the Sower” by Octavia Butler, but do not know how to start. In this
case, you can use relevant “Parable of the Sower” essays to get some ideas. It is an
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“Management in the Style of Manchester” by Michael Moritz and Alex
In sports, not only the game itself plays an important role, but also training,
management, and building a team climate. In this vein, the book “Management in the
Style of Manchester” is engaging. The legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson invites
on a journey through the world of leadership. Consistency, patience, and
perseverance are the fundamental principles of sportsmen’s paths.
After a fantastic career as a player and manager, he provides valuable lessons that can
be useful for student-athletes. In the epilogue, you can learn exactly how to
implement the principles of leadership in your daily routine, family, or running a
large or small business.

“Never Stop” by Marie Karachina.

Marie Karachina is a fitness trainer, the founder of the Skinny & Strong Club sports
club, a sports consultant, and a participant in world marathons . She wrote the book to
share her own experience of organizing life, hardening willpower, and spirit, and the
ability to set goals and achieve them. The author is convinced that running is more
than a sport. It is the best way to get new thoughts, ideas, and energy. In addition,
Marie shares a training program and practical tips for beginners, as well as advice for
those who are about to run a half-marathon.

“How Bad Do You Want It?: Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle”
by Matt Fitzgerald
Matt Fitzgerald is one of the most successful endurance sports and nutrition authors.
The book “How Bad Do You Want It?: Mastering the Psychology of Mind over
Muscle” reveals how our mindset affects physical and athletic performance. As
examples, the author uses real stories from the lives of the world’s best athletes and
scientific evidence. The book can be read as a fascinating biography and as a
practical guide that will help increase your endurance with the help of the correct
psychological attitude.

Striving for their goals and dreams, students are often afraid to step out of their
comfort zone and feel insecure. They simply lack some energy or a portion of
inspiration. And as a result, athletes give up in helplessness. But don’t panic!
Basically, books on motivation come in handy in such situations.
They do not only show the path to success but also serve as an ideal recharge of the
mental battery. After all, a good book has healing powers. It can heal mental wounds
after failure and teach students to enjoy each second of life. Good literature
transforms certain life beliefs, and serves as a kind of “kick.”

Author’s Bio
Sylvester Greer is fond of books about motivation and is keen on reading. He spends
a lot of time doing sports and knows how challenging it can be. Sylvester finds it
inspiring to help students to cope with their essays, papers, and assignments.