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MCDONALD OH- There is no greater act one can do for their team than stepping up in a tough situation. That is exactly what McDonald’s Gianna Costantino has done this season.  After their starting setter had to miss the remainder of the season, Gianna and her teammate Maria Rasile stepped right into a 6-2 offense and continued to set up the Blue Devil offense.  Gianna’s offensive output never slowed down either. Since stepping into a setter’s role McDonald’s success continued all the way to a district runner up campaign.

Constantino put up fantastic numbers this season.  In 82 sets played, Constantino finished the year with 256 kills. Averaging over 3 kills a set, Costantino was a constant threat for the Blue Devils to go to.  She also eclipsed the 200 mark in assists, finishing with 231 on the year.  If you thought that was the end of the impressive numbers, you’d be wrong. Costantino also finished with 310 digs on the year.  It’s not easy to find a player with triple digits in three different categories. Costantino is one of the few.

Gianna took the time out of her day to sit down with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to go over her season. They also talk about her family, her well rounded numbers this season, and much more. Don’t miss the Blue Devils too much, check out one more McDonald Player Profile only on YSN!

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