Sometimes there are players that can’t be measured or defined by words. South Range sophomore Julia Gregory is one of those athletes. Her time in the spotlight began last season when she was able to knock down important shots late in games proving to herself she belongs on the floor. That is the moment she sites as a major boost in her confidence. Now in her sophomore season, she is working harder than ever to become an impact for her team. She’s a deadly shooter when left in space but now coach Fishel says she is adding more tools to her offensive game every day. Julia has felt with her fair share of adversity. Like most shooters she goes through highs and lows. Her mental toughness is on fool display when she fights through the shooting slumps she finds herself in. Coach Fishel applauds her perseverance and commitment to the process. We can already tell Julia is going to be a star player for the Raiders, a crown jewel. And everyone knows how much Raiders like jewels. 

Anthony Hartwig went to South Range to catch up with Julia. They discuss her confidence, the team’s community outreach, and much more. You won’t want to miss the latest Lady Raider Player Profile The Crown Jules.