CANFIELD OH- With small high schools across the state, families seem to run deep in every hall way. There isn’t a school you could go to and not find a family name, or names  that are rich in the tradition of that school. South Range has a family that fits the mold perfectly, and it’s the Feren’s.  The Feren’s have been a part of South Range for decades.  As students, athletes, coaches, teachers, athletic directors, you name it a Feren has done it inside the halls of South Range. Because of the deep roots of his family, current athletic director, and assistant softball coach Donny Feren gets the blessing of coaching his daughter Jamie through a successful softball career.

Jamie’s senior season was unfortunately halted due to an injury not too long ago. However one of the things that makes her dad, the rest of her coaches, and her teammates the most proud is how she has responded to the adversity that has been put in front of her. She still leads with the same energy that she always did, and she is always finding ways to help her team grow.  Where some athletes might find despair, Feren has found positivity and grace.

In the middle of getting ready for regional tournament play both Donny and Jamie Feren sat down with DJ Yokley on YSN’s Power Hour to have an awesome and candid conversation. They talk about their family dynamic, share some great stories, memories, and laughs, and much more. You won’t want to miss the special edition of South Range Softball Player Profile exclusively on YSN!

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