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My senior year was not what I expected to say the very least.

Coming into the season there was so much positivity. Every single player was confident that we would do well. A few weeks passed and a few players quit and things started to go downhill.There were many more games than just the four we won that we could have won.

Early on in the season, I was not having fun. I was annoyed and mad about how things were going. Negativity was flowing in the locker room. I never let it hit me and come to the point of quitting.

With about a third of the season left the negativity left and the team was having fun again. The games we were playing in were close, a lot closer than they were last year. Teams we never competed with before, we were competing with.

Overall, the time I had with these guys this year was unbelievable. The future is bright for these guys and I can’t wait to see what they do in the upcoming seasons. This was by far my favorite season of my Crestview High School career.


Scott Murray

2018 Crestview High School Senior

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