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Over 60 years of tradition and competition between them, Mooney and Ursuline took to the hardwood tonight. Ursuline looking to avoid an 0-8 season against their rivals, when you include JV and varsity teams. Mooney trying to defend home court, something they have not done well this year. And as per usual, these two prestigious programs did not disappoint.

A feeling out process took up the majority of the first quarter. Each team taking turns trading baskets as well as turnovers. Terrence Pankey for Ursuline was especially active, accounting for 12 points across the first two quarters. Tommy Fire, a guard for Mooney, found himself at the free-throw line numerous times as his aggressive, slashing style drew plenty of contact from Ursuline defenders. Fire was 8/10 from the line and finished with 12 points.

In the first matchup, the backcourt of Mooney, Pelini, and Jenkins, were instrumental in their victory. Clearly the Irish had that in their gameplan as it was relatively quiet in the first half from both. Their defense stiffened in the second quarter, and the Irish would go into the halftime locker room with a lead 25-27.

Great players, however, arise in the biggest moments. With two huge 3 point shots, Mike Pelini would begin hitting his stride in the third quarter. Devon Jenkins, who would be injured during the game and forced to come out, got a huge block on Johnny Rowland that brought the crowd to their collective feet.

And in the most feared yet strangely desired moment a player can find themselves in, senior Sonny Rodriquez, with Ursuline attempting to mount a comeback in the fourth, found himself at the free-throw line. He hit 4 in a row, with another coming after a tough foul that caused Sonny to wince and grab his shooting arm. Despite the efforts of Brady Shannon, who finished with 12 points, and Daysean Harris with 12 as well, Mooney would hold on and finish out their rivals 62-54. A clean sweep of the Holy War for Mooney, with the ever-present chance that these two schools could, again, meet in the tournament.



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