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COLUMBIANA, OH- Tori Long has never been one to brag or boast.  To be honest, she’s never had to.  In fact, most opponents understand very quickly that the “Blonde Bomber” for Columbiana means business.  There’s an ora of intimidation when she stares you down from across the net, in your face with outstanding defense, or from the circle each spring and summer.

That is until the game is over.

Then, Long may just be one of the happiest, and bubbly personalities you’ll ever come across.

However, if you ask her, that’s been a work in progress.  Long has waited a long time to be the Queen of Columbiana High School Sports, as she’s been taken under the wings of many Lady Clippers along the way.  The ironic thing about the wait is that Tori Long doesn’t crave the spotlight, she is quick to give credit to her teammates, coaches, and family for the efforts they’ve put forth.  She feels as though she’s just in a position of strength because of the talent that surrounds her each season.

As Long prepares for the first season of her final chapter in Columbiana, she took time out to sit down for a Player Profile (the first of three this year) and discuss many aspects of what things have looked like from her lens along the way.  Find out what recruitment was like, what legacy she wants to leave behind and MORE on this week’s Columbiana Player Profile: The Long Way to the Top!



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