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Photo Credit: Josh Workman

Gabby Lamparty has been quite possibly the most anticipated player to come through the Lady Raider program. Fans have been waiting to see her on the varsity quart since she was in 7th grade. She has shared the anticipation to play. She has waited for the chance to play with her older sister Izzy since she was a little girl. And now as a freshman Gabby finally gets that chance, and she is not disappointing the fans that patiently waited for her to get to this level. She is already dazzling the crowd with behind the back passes and reverse layups that show off her athleticism. However, she has also dealt with her fair share of struggles transitioning from eighth grade to varsity so fast. She says the game is a lot quicker at the varsity level than she anticipated. Gabby also has the responsibility of being a leader on the court. One she takes very seriously. She says it doesn’t matter what your age is if you’re called to be a leader you have to show up. Show up is exactly what she’s been doing this season. Coach Fishel says Gabby is a special talent that doesn’t come around too often. And he says that she matches that talent with an undeniable work ethic. The party in South Range is just getting started as this freshman will be suiting up for a while. 

Anthony Hartwig caught up with Gabby after the Raiders win over Jefferson. They discuss starting as a freshman, playing with her sister, and much more. Get ready to learn about the upcoming star in the latest Player Profile The Party Keeps on Going.

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