* Contributed by Anthony Romo *

YOUNGSTOWN, OH – Being a football player during your days at Ursuline High School can seem like they are the best days of your life. It is what you do after your days on the gridiron that matter the most. Former Irish Football standout Ethan Palowitz has quickly found his purpose off the field, and he didn’t have to go far to get his opportunity.

Palowitz, a Freshman at Youngstown State University, has taken advantage of a big opportunity handed to him by the sports media department, as he has taken a role of helping with graphic designing for YSU Athletics while also pursuing an education. While using Adobe apps like Photoshop, Palowitz has become a very valuable part of sporting events, as he is able to quickly post graphics to YSU’s respective social media accounts for fans to stay updated with what is going on at the university. Ethan, who has gained much experience with editing for athletes while putting together graphics such as commitment posts for those who decide to play at the next level and want a cool way of presenting that, has also gained a lot of respect from his peers with his skill at what he does.

Hear Ethan talk about what drew his passion to editing, his playing days at Ursuline, his future goals in life, and more!