YOUNGSTOWN, OH- In order to compete, great teams need to find alternate roads that lead to success.  There are very few “one-trick ponies” when you enter the final rounds of the championship tournament.

That’s no exception when it comes to Ursuline Irish Football.

Head Coach Dan Reardon knows a thing or two about creating championship-caliber teams, and since taking the reigns of the Green and Gold in 2019, he has Youngstown believing that Youngstown can once again become the football capital of Ohio.  The goals remain the same, but the names have changed, and primarily the two that tote the rock the most for his offense, runningback DeMarcus McElroy, and QB1, Brady Shannon.  The two have combined to help create one of the most dangerous offensive units the Buckeye State has ever seen.

The arm of Shannon is comparable to watching the world’s finest surgeon go to work.  Each pass that slips off the fingertips with purpose, and precision that finds the open receiver- or creates an open receiver by choice.

If that’s not enough, watching McElroy run is like going to a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert.  When you see the Number 6 dressed in Green and Gold evade tackles, it’s on par with the grace of a ballet that is so smooth it almost feels choreographed.  However, with McElroy needs to make a way- it’s his power that shakes the ground like a rock concert so much that some of the hits he delivers- you feel in your chest.

It’s yin and yang, and it has the Ursuline fans at peace with any competition that is left on the board.

YSN’s Steve Leslie had the opportunity to sit down with Shannon and D-Mac prior to the state-semifinal game to discuss the road that’s led them to this point, and what is left to do.  All that and more on this episode of Ursuline Player Profile: The Two-Headed Monster.

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