For many that come in and out of the “Dog Pound” in East Palestine, there’s a recognizable voice that allows you to know you’re in Bulldog Country.  A warm, raspy tone welcomes you to East Palestine, and for many allows them to feel as if they’re home.

Many things have changed in the town over the past few decades.  However, the one constant has been the gentle giant in the stands, and at the announcer’s table.  East Palestine’s very own: Vaughn Brunson.  Whether it’s his incredible knowledge of sports and music history, or if you are just looking for a pleasant friend to talk to, Brunson fits the mold.  He has no issues taking a bad at-bat and making you smile with his spot-on impressions of Elvis.  Or perhaps your son or daughter is about to make history in their sport, Vaughn is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to when, where, and how it happened for the Brown and White.

It was nearly a decade ago that Brunson was approached by then-Athletic Director, Jim Wilson to announce basketball games.  It was a mission Vaughn had waited a long time to accept, and one he was born for.  Brunson keeps the fans entertained throughout the game with announcements, as well as play-by-play that allows fans of all ages to understand what’s transpiring before them.  In a world full of technology advancements, and the “next best thing” East Palestine’s Vaughn Brunson keeps us all connected to the yesteryear every time we find a seat in the gymnasium.  A traditional voice for untraditional times.

YSN’s Tim Figley sat down with East Palestine’s keynote speaker for a special sports profile.  Vaughn Brunson: THE VOICE OF A GENERATION.