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An athlete’s choice in shoes can tell you a lot about them. As far as South Range Junior Bree Kohler goes, she wants her shoes to be bold and spunky. This year Bree is going with Buzz Lightyear kicks, which makes sense because her potential goes to infinity and beyond. 

Bree is no stranger to being a key role on the Raider team. She has been a starter since freshman season, and has already made her impact on the program being a leader in games on the court. Now, a junior Bree realizes she has to also be a leader in practice and off the court as well. She takes pride in her growth in leadership. She says that the biggest thing she’s grown in is confidence in what she is saying. Bree has always been a player who thrives when she’s loose. But now Bree has learned to pick and choose when to be loose and goofy, and when to be locked in and serious. Her biggest personal goal this year is being more of a threat on offense. Always a threat on defense, Bree looks to widen her game as she steps into the shoes of an upperclassmen. 

Anthony Hartwig had the chance to have a conversation with Bree this week. They discussed her leadership, what impact she wants to make on people around her, and much more. So take a seat and get comfy for the latest Lady Raider Player Profile To Infinity and Bree-yond.

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