It’s not quite the NBA, but the NCAA has delivered some impressive men’s college basketball teams since 1906. 


The NCAA oversees three divisions and over 350 men’s basketball teams. And it has to be said that there are some NCAA basketball teams that stand out more than others when it comes to the latest sports betting odds


So with March Madness and the 2023 NCAA men’s basketball tournament just around the corner, it’s as good a time as ever to reel off the top 10 NCAA men’s basketball teams of all time, including teams to watch this year.


These NCAA men’s basketball teams are still stronger than ever on the court, boasting elite-level head coaches and a few standout players who have already proven themselves worthy of the big leagues!

Houston Cougars Men’s Basketball


The Houston Cougars boast a rich history and have been consistently competitive since their first season in 1945. In the NCAA Division I, the Cougars have made a total of 23 appearances in the NCAA Tournament with six appearances in the Final Four – tied 10th for the most Final Four appearances of all time. 


The Cougars have not lost this year and will be eager to keep up their winning streak going into 2023 March Madness.

Alabama Crimson Tide Men’s Basketball


Alabama Crimson Tide have made 23 overall appearances in the NCAA Tournament. The team has won multiple regular-season championships, with the most recent being the title won in the 2020-2021 season. Under Nate Oats, the team has only gotten stronger and will continue to look at building on their recent success.


Needless to say, Alabama Crimson Tide is another team projected to have a strong tournament performance this year for March Madness.

Tennessee Volunteers Men’s Basketball


The Teneesee Volunteers have made 24 total appearances in the NCAA Tournament, boasting an overall record of 23–25. And with four SEC Tournament championships and six regular-season conference championships behind them, the current team under coach Rick Barnes is only looking to rack up more wins for the team.

UCLA Bruins Men’s Basketball


Mick Cronin leads the UCLA Bruins into another tournament this year and it’s fair to say all eyes are on him. The UCLA Bruins have made 50 NCAA appearances since 1919, with a whopping 18 appearances in the Final Four. They come in this year with a defense that’s stronger than ever, making them serious contenders for the title.


Fans have big hopes for the Bruins’ future, so they’re definitely a team to watch when March Madness kicks off.

UConn Huskies Men’s Basketball


The UConn Huskies are not far behind the Bruins with their record of 34 NCAA appearances. The team have become National Champions four times and have made it to the Final Four five times. Dan Hurley has been the coach since 2018 and has done nothing but help the Huskies go from strength to strength.

Gonzaga Bulldogs Men’s Basketball


The Gonzaga Bulldogs have their fair share of achievements behind them and they’re not done yet. Across 22 NCAA basketball tournaments, the Bulldogs have reached the Final Four two times, the Elite Eight four times, and the Sweet Sixteen 10 times. 


With a hot streak behind them, the Bulldogs have never looked stronger with Drew Timme leading the offense and are sure to be one of the teams to beat this year.

Purdue Boilermakers Men’s Basketball


Matt Painter has worked magic for the Purdue Boilermakers since he became head coach in 2005. He’s helped them rack up 13 NCAA Tournament appearances, adding to their total of 32. And with a total NCAAT record of 43–32, the Purdue Boilermakers are all set for greater heights with no sign of slowing down.

Texas Longhorns Men’s Basketball


The Texas Longhorns are no strangers to winning, having garnered 28 total conference championships with 35 overall appearances in the NCAA Tournament. Although National Coach of the Year Rodney Terry is only the Longhorns’ interim coach, the team is determined to build on the Longhorns’ impressive history of achievements in the NCAA.

Arizona Wildcats Men’s Basketball


The Arizona Wildcats have reached the NCAA tournament Final Four four times, and are the closest team to beating North Carolina’s 27-strong record of consecutively reaching the NCAA Division I tournament – with 25 back-to-back years. Tommy Lloyd is now in his second year as head coach and Arizona fans are expecting big things for their upcoming games. 

Kansas Jayhawks Men’s Basketball


Like the UCLA Bruins, the Kansas Jayhawks have an impressive 50 tournament appearances in the NCAA. The team has also seen 16 appearances in the Final Four, the fifth-most of all time, as well as won four NCAA Men’s Division I basketball championships, making them one of the most successful college basketball teams of all time.


The Kansas Jayhawks won the Big 12 tournament last year, so they’re one of the teams that fans need to watch this year for March Madness.



And that wraps up our picks for the top 10 NCAA men’s basketball teams of all time. And with March Madness right around the corner, make sure you don’t miss out on all the action!