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Photo Credit: Chris Giovannone

BOARDMAN OH- Maria Torres has gone through more adversity in her high school career than a lot of athletes will go through in their whole careers. Several injuries have held her back from having healthy seasons in years past. It’s only natural for her to think “why me? which she admits crossed her mind for a minute, but soon those thoughts turned into inspiration to get back on the floor 100% healthy. It wasn’t easy, but after months of hard work and perseverance, Torres has found her way back to the court and is completely healthy. That is great news for her teammates, not so good news for her opponents.

Maria does not just have expectations on the physical side of the game, now in her senior year she is called on to be a leader, both mentally and emotionally. She brings tremendous energy to the Spartans. She has a joking personality that can always be called upon to ease the stress of a tough volleyball match. Coach Birch can count on Torres to be an extra coach on the court, something that is so important in volleyball when most of the team’s adjustments need to come on the fly, and without the safety net of practice. The Spartans are a tough hard nosed bunch, and they can attribute that to the mentality Maria brings to the gym every day. She brings toughness.

Maria sat down and talked with YSN’s own Anthony Hartwig. They discuss what it has been like coming back from so much adversity, what her expectations were this season, and much more. You will not want to miss the latest Spartan volleyball player profile “Torres Built For Toughness.”

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