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It is clear that students focus primarily on studying, but they still have at least a little spare time for their favorite activities and hobbies. Most students prefer sport as it gives an endless range of emotions and keeps the mind and body in good shape. Volleyball is a perfect match for college students. It is popular and well-known worldwide. It has clear rules and a long tradition dating back to 1897.

Besides, when choosing a sports hobby, students should consider that some kinds of sports like golf or snowboarding are seasonal. Thank god it is not an issue if you are keen on volleyball. There are various options where to play, i.e., beaches, outdoor courts, campus indoor gyms. Volleyball is useful for your health, social skills, and studying. If you are eager to know why, this post is for you. 


Volleyball improves agility, coordination, speed, and balance


Due to the rapid change of pace and direction, volleyball makes a wide variety of demands on the technical and physical abilities of the player. During the game, players must serve, pass, set, attack, and block the ball. These skills require flexibility, balance, upper and lower body strength, and speed to play effectively. In addition, players work hard to develop endurance and the ability to act in full force when they do not want to or are exhausted.


What to do if volleyball becomes time-consuming? 

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Volleyball teaches players to work in a team


What fascinating social activity volleyball is! As a team player, your collective efforts lead to the team’s success or failure. It also helps you to cooperate much better with other people. Team members encourage each other during practice and play to give each player the confidence. They keep trying to learn and improve the skills needed to win. If you cannot function well as a team while playing volleyball, the team will definitely lose. So, thanks to this game, you are able to become a better teammate and a person that others appreciate.


Volleyball stimulates your mood and motivation


Perhaps, one of the best things about playing volleyball is that it can help you brighten your mood. One of the reasons this happens is that volleyball is a strenuous exercise. Scientists have proven that sport makes us happier and healthier. After exercising, the brain releases endorphins, serotonin, and endocannabinoids. It is beneficial for students’ emotional and mental health. As a result, playing volleyball can reduce stress, as well as, improve your self-confidence, self-esteem, and body image, and make you happier overall. Participating in volleyball can also boost your motivation and ability to succeed in studying. 


Volleyball is a great way to meet new people

A significant advantage of playing volleyball is that it forces students to get out of their dormitory rooms, interact with peers and make new friends. It is an excellent activity to do at a large social gathering because everybody can play, especially if you are playing informally. A game is a favorable situation to interact with others and start a conversation. 


It is extremely important to choose a hobby to your liking in order to make boring weekdays brighter. Students who are passionate about something are much less likely to be bored, and stressed, and live a more harmonious life. Volleyball is fun, inspiring, and resourceful. In the process of playing volleyball, students’ will and character are hardened. They master how to cope with various difficult situations quickly and correctly. 

On top of that volleyball players make timely decisions and take reasonable risks or refrain from taking risks. By improving in volleyball, a student improves comprehensively. It is not only an effective means of students’ physical and psychological development but a sphere of communication and social activity. 


Author’s Bio

Sylvester Greer is a sporty and competitive person who has already tried doing more than 26 kinds of sports. He is an authoritative expert and writes a personal blog about hobbies and sports. His great pleasure is to help students with their essays, papers, and assignments in order to let them have more free time for fun.

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