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WARREN OH- Both teams came into the game with a chance to make history.  For the lady Warriors of Brookfield sitting at a record of 17-8, , this was their first time in the District Champs but it would not be an easy task as they took on the lady Mustangs of Mathews who had a record of 22-4.  Whoever won this matchup would either play East Canton or McDonald at Firestone.  This game took place at Candelite Knolls Banquet Facility.  


The first run of the game came in the bottom of the second when Emma Vaupel singled on a hard ground ball to Katie Logan advancing to second with Kaylen McCollum scoring along with a steal from senior Kylie Nicholson making it two runs to nothing.  Later on in the bottom of the fourth, it was the same thing with Gianna Toto doubling on a line drive, sending Chloe Sweitzer home along with Toto after a single by Bella Spano.  


Now the Lady Warriors had good fielding for a couple innings despite what the score says and they looked to get back into this game.  Remember against Lisbon, they started out slow hitting wise but then pulled away later.  This time, they got a run in the top of the fifth when Sophia Hook had a sacrifice fly ball to left field with Cadence Huffman scoring.  Now that the lead was cut to three runs, many thought that this would be a comeback and go into extra innings.  


However, that did not happen as Ashley Deans got her first home run single of the game which kicked off a pair of six more runs by McCollum, Sweitzer, Toto, Nicholson, Spano and Becca Landis with talented pitcher Miranda Nicholson not knowing what had happened for the Warriors.  


Head coach DeJoy had no other option than to call the game off a mercy rule, making the final 11-1 in a game that ended with relief, and disappointment.  Now coach Nicola for Mathews has the chance to make something great. 




Miranda Nicholson took the loss surrendering 11 runs on 12 hits, striking out three.  Emma Gates led Mathews to the win allowing four hits and one run while striking out seven and walking zero.  


Brookfield finishes their season with a 17-9 record.  A big improvement from where they were before in 2017-18 and 2018-19 finishing 12-9 and 10-8.  Mathews (23-4) will play East Canton (21-4) in the regionals who got a big five to one victory over McDonald.  


*contributed by YSN’s Ian O’Brien*


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