BELOIT OH- t was a great day for the High School WBXC teams this past Saturday at the Ashley White Invitational! There were nearly four times as many girls running in this meet and three times as many boys running as there were last week. The competition for this 5k race (3.1 miles) was tough!

Finishing in the top 5% of 231 girls was:

Clarice Martin–10th place (20:33)

*Martin set a new lifetime PR (personal record), as did Tallie Muniz (25:40).

Congratulations, all HS girls!

Finishing in the top 5% of 343 boys were:

Michael Dorris–19th place (16:59)

Finishing in the top 25% of 343 boys were:

Brian Boston–74th place (18:33)

*Dorris tied his lifetime PR (personal record), while John Biggs set a new lifetime PR (24:55).

**Boston set a season PR, as did and Owen Hoopes (20:41). Congratulations, all HS boys!


The High School WBXC teams are excited to take on the challenging hills of Dover on Saturday, 9/10!

*Contributed By Ryan Wolf at wbathletics.org