ATWATER OH- Waterloo has made tremendous strides as a football program the last couple years, not just on the field, but off as well. The football program was finally given the opportunity to add stands to their stadium, and the community stepped up big to help install them. Much like building stands, getting through a football season takes a community. Waterloo will need that support now as they deal with some adversity being cut out of their Week 9, and Week 10 games due to COVID protocols. But, as a family they will continue to grow together, and tackle this adversity like they would any of their opponents.

Head coach Mike Devies wears many different hats at Waterloo. The head football coach is also the athletic director, and the Dean of students. So we appreciate him taking the time out of his obviously busy schedule to stop by Running Point this week. He talks with Anthony Hartwig, and Ty Bartell about the development of his program, the support of the community, and much more. Set sail with the Vikings in Episode 1 of Coach’s Corner With Mike Devies.


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