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YOUNGSTOWN, OH- When the location “Youngstown” commands different emotions and reactions based on your experiences and what you’ve heard throughout your life.  For some, they picture violence and crime, for others, it’s championship-caliber athleticism, for even more it’s incredible food and family.

One group of great leaders, they’ve chosen to take any negative stereotypes associated with the city, and look to rewrite the narrative on what people come to expect from their city.

As far as the youth is concerned, valley leaders are creating camps for sports that help provide events to look forward to, as well as provide activities to build character, build relationships and create a love for sports along the way.

This past week a football camp was held in the city that generated interest from over 250 young people between the ages of first and eighth grades.

We sat down with Pastor Kenneth Donaldson and Nick Sferra to discuss what’s being done now, as well as potential game plans for future activities and plans to keep the youth in Youngstown on the rise on and off the field.

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