BELOIT OH- The standard of excellence at West Branch is topped by none. It seems like just about every sport has a work ethic, and success that is hard to match. When talking about volleyball, that standard in the program comes from head coach Penny DeShields.

Penny is only the second volleyball coach in program history at West Branch. When you know that, it’s not hard to imagine that she has hit 300 career wins at the helm of the team. It was something Penny was aware of, but not something she was focused on. Putting her students in the best opportunity to win is what drives her. She lives with a family that is all sports, all competition, all the time. Currently her husband Walt is the head coach of the girls basketball program, and her son Dru is shining as the starting quarterback for the Warriors. You add that to two other sons who have excelled in sports as well, then you can see why she says even playing cards in her house can be stressful.

Penny took the time to come on Running Point this week to talk about her program. She talks with Anthony Hartwig, and Ty Bartell about her 300th win, the state of the team, and much more. Hear from the head coach of Warrior Volleyball in Episode 1 of Coach’s Corner with Penny DeShields.


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