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BOARDMAN OH- Boardman softball has a very unique dynamic. While they have ten seniors on the team, which is more than most they also have a slew of young talented players taking full advantage of the opportunity. After splitting time last season behind the plate, sophomore Maddie Wymer has taken a hold of the moment.

Wymer has the ability this season to both keep learning from seniors, and helping the freshman who are going through what she did last season. As the full time catcher Wymer is in charge of managing the pitching staff. That means taking all she can from senior Maddie Lester before she graduates, and also being a calming influence to freshman Tori Strines.  She has made tremendous strides behind the plate defensively because her tenacious attitude and constant drive to be better. She is a leader. It doesn’t matter that she’s not an upper class men, leadership takes attitude, not age.

Wymer is also no slouch at the plate this season. Maddie is third on the team in batting average hitting well above .330 and an on base percentage in the 400’s. That is with missing three games. Defensively Wymer has a fielding percentage .991. She has only made 1 error all season.

Maddie took the time to be on Running Point to give us an insight into her season. She talked to Anthony Hartwig and Ty Bartell about the mix of being a leader, and learning from the seniors, what she’s been able to take from this season, and much more. Never miss a moment of the action and check out the latest Boardman softball player profile.


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