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CANFIELD, OH- Known as the Great American Pastime, baseball continues to be a staple in American sports. To every baseball and softball player, nothing beats a game on the diamond on a nice, sunny day, but what happens if Mother Nature decides to enter the game? Every player and coach dreads rain delays. They try to avoid these at all costs. Sometimes games are able to push through the inclement weather, but when they’re forced into one, times can get boring in the dugout. If there’s a player or coach in a delay and need to pass time, here are some ways to make it fly.


Tic Tac Toe

One of the easiest games to set up, Tic Tac Toe is a game of Xs and Os and is a great way to keep both teams in a competitive state. All it takes is a old baseball or softball and a writing utensil, and any team can quickly set up their own game.


Glove, Hand, Glove

This game requires a glove, a ball, and a hat. All participating members will be in a circle while wearing their gloves and hats with one person starting with the ball. The person starting with the ball will flip it to a random person in the circle. That person, without catching and holding onto the ball, must flip the ball from their glove, to their hand, back to their glove, and then to another person in the circle. If a person cannot complete this sequence, they will have to turn their hat one fourth around their head. Once someone’s hat has made a full cycle, they are eliminated.


Chicken Fight

Known as Shoulders Wars, Chicken Fight is a game that consists of two members per team. It requires one member of a team to carry the other on his or her back or shoulders while the person being carried attacks. The goal of the game is to knock the other attackers off their teammates. The last team to remain standing is the winner.


Staring Contest

A game of simplicity, it has been seen more and more in the game of baseball. A game that’s becoming more common when players come onto the field for the National Anthem can also be a game to make time fly when Mother Nature takes the mound. Make sure to bring eye drops to the game.


Although there are many other ways to occupy time during a rain delay, these are just a few things any team can do. Mother Nature may put ahold to the fun, but she’ll never take the love of the game.


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