HOWLAND OH- We have talked a lot about the talented seniors that are leading teams around the YSN family. But this season, there are some star studded freshman making immediate impacts on the varsity level. One of those diaper dandy’s comes out of Howland in Maddy Hufford.

Hufford has hit the ground running, and has quickly become one of the most feared hitters in the Tigers lineup. A Tiger team that is already young and energetic, Hufford fits right in. Hufford is one of the elite. She is a player that everyone knew would be a problem before the season started. She, like many other freshmen in the area absolutely lived up to the hype.

Maddy is listed as a catcher/outfielder/infielder and really would probably be comfortable any where you put her on the field. That versatility is a big reason why she has become an instant impact on the varsity level. Her primary position is behind the dust though. She’s got a fantastic arm for a catcher. Clocked with a pop time of 2.03, opponents might want to think twice about running on the Tigers when she’s in the backstop.

Maddy took the time to come on to YSN’s Running Point to talk about her season. She talks with Anthony Hartwig, and Ty Bartell about her nerves in her first game, the feeling of her first home run, and so much more. Check out the latest Howland softball player profile exclusively on YSN.

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