CORTLAND OH- In a showcase of sheer dominance, the Struthers football team continued their impressive form with a resounding 40-6 victory over Lakeview. From the opening whistle, Struthers exhibited their relentless prowess on the field, leaving no doubt about their supremacy.

The 1st quarter set the tone for Struthers as Jason Dukes powered his way through with a 12-yard touchdown run, followed by a successful PAT, putting them ahead 7-0. Struthers continued to flex their offensive muscles when AC Carter exploded with a spectacular 73-yard touchdown run, complemented by another successful PAT, extending their lead to 14-0.

The 2nd quarter saw no letup from Struthers as AC Carter showcased his speed once again, sprinting for a 47-yard touchdown run, although the PAT was missed, making it 20-0 Struthers.

As the 3rd quarter unfolded, Struthers maintained their offensive momentum. Devin Braham added to the scoreboard with a 27-yard run, and a successful 2-point conversion extended their lead to 28-0.

The 4th quarter saw Struthers continuing their dominance, with Na’Jier Howard’s 2-yard touchdown run, although the PAT was missed, making it 34-0 Struthers. Lakeview managed to find the end zone with a 60-yard run by Hayden Bartram, but the PAT was unsuccessful, setting the score at Struthers 34, Lakeview 6.

Struthers had the last word, as Anthony Pastella capped off the impressive performance with a 19-yard touchdown run, sealing the victory at Struthers 40, Lakeview 6.

In the end, Struthers showcased their relentless offensive power, leaving Lakeview no room to counter. The final score of 40-6 reflected Struthers’ dominance on the field, as they cruised to another convincing win, making them look unstoppable once again.