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CANFIELD OH- The position of libero is often overlooked in volleyball. From a casual fan they are just known as the player that happens to wear a different colored jersey. However how a coach uses a libero might be one of the most strategic aspects of the sport. Their importance goes beyond just being the leader of the back row defense, and usually the team’s best passer. The libero is key in a team’s ability to use their limited amount of substitutions per set. A libero can rotate in and out of the game as you please, just as long as they stay in the back row. All of that being said, you can see why having such an experienced libero looms large for Canfield. Let us introduce Parker Wilkins.

Not to many players take their job as seriously as Parker does. Her work ethic and personal drive has gotten her to a point where she can pen her name among the best in the area. Her numbers, they speak for themselves.  In 8 sets played she has been recorded at 55 digs. She’s averaging over 6 digs a set this season.  However, beyond her numbers you’ll find an incredible leader. Parker is a player the Cardinals can turn to in the tough times to keep everyone up and confident. She is by definition an energetic leader on the court.

Wilkins took the time to come on to YSN’s Running Point to talk to us about her senior season. She talks with Richie Juliano, and Anthony Hartwig about her position on the team, being a part of a big senior class, and much more. Keep supporting the Cardinals by checking out the latest Player Profile only on YSN.

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