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Wrestling Wednesdays


It’s been a long wrestling season for all our teams in the YSN family.  It can be a grind for the grapplers to go through the long regular season. But now is no time for rest.  The tournament is upon us and the dreams that these wrestlers have put in front of them is now in their grasps.  As sectionals approach our very own Gary Althiser has a lot of thoughts on who to look out for in the brackets.  It’s time to see who shines brightest on the biggest stage.

The start of the tournament is a perfect time for our next special guest. This week we welcome in the only reigning state champion in the YSN family Dominic Hoffarth from Louisville. Being the hunted this year hasn’t phased Hoffarth one bit. He welcomes the competition, and usually dominates it.  As Hoffarth prepares to protect his title he talks to Gary and Anthony about what ifs been like being a reigning champion, what the feeling was like to hold the trophy, and much more. Check out Episode 10 of Wrestling Wednesdays with Gary Althiser only on YSN.


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