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SALEM OH- Salem has shown throughout the season how much raw basketball talent they have on the floor. Whether it be on the offensive, or defensive side of the ball Salem has just been showing off this season. With that being said, it’s almost unfair that they also have one of the fastest players we see on YSN. Rylee Hutton, or as we like to call her “the Flash” has introduced the world to exactly what speed is, and what it can do.  Hutton lives up to her nickname for sure. However, what puts her on a different level than most players that are fast at this level is the fact that she has controlled speed. We see a lot of young super athletic players run out of control down the floor, and they end up making the wrong plays.  Rylee has an uncanny ability to go at a speed level of 10, and still have all the body control and decision making that she would if she slowed down.  That’s a top level athlete attribute.

Rylee has also had to step in to a much bigger leadership role this season for Salem. She isn’t the only one for sure, last season the Quakers were riddled with fantastic senior leaders.  Having them was awesome, but losing them to graduation had to make some Salem fans uneasy heading into the season.  The coaching staff was never unsure about what these next line of seniors, and Rylee as a junior would be able to do to lead this team. It was their confidence in these players that led to them being able to be confident in themselves to lead.  Salem has caught fire all year and has been one of the best teams on YSN consistently. Rylee is a big reason, her speed is a big reason, her leadership is an even bigger reason.

Rylee took the time to have a chat with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig about the season she’s been having. Hear the answers to some big questions like what tricks does she have for her speed? And what in the world makes Salem so great? All that and more in the latest Salem Girls Basketball Player Profile only on YSN.


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