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EAST PALESTINE, OH- The brick-and-mortar “Headquarters” of Your Sports Network (YSN) based in East Palestine has been shut down until further notice following the train derailment on February 3, 2023.

After a mandatory evacuation within the 1-mile radius of the impact zone, YSN Headquarters along with several businesses and hundreds of homes fell into that order.

Upon lifting the evacuation order following the press conference on February 8, residents were given the option to return to their homes, and businesses could also return at their convenience.

“We returned home on Wednesday evening after the Chief, and Governor had lifted the evacuation, but when I tried to return to HQ (YSN) on Thursday, there was an odor that was faint outside the building and packed quite a punch as soon as you stepped foot inside,” said YSN Founder and CEO, DJ Yokley.

“At this time, we’re opting to shut down our headquarters temporarily to our team and the general public until we can have the air quality monitored, as well as water and several other aspects.  Much like the school and town officials have indicated- the safety of our people come first, and if we can’t deliver a safe environment to work- we’re fortunate enough through technology, that we’ll work remotely.”

While Yokley says streams and shows may look slightly different, the show must go on.

“Our team is committed to continuing to provide the area’s best sports coverage, and while our fans might have to be a little patient for some aspects- our hope is to keep the volume of games each evening at the frequency players, coaches, and fans have grown accustomed to over the years.  I believe our persistence will shine through this process.”

Fans have asked questions about the Baird Brothers Big Dogs of the Valley contest, and if there will be other interruptions due to the effects of the evacuation.  “It put a slight delay on this particular week, but I’m confident we’ll be able to promote the athletes in a timely fashion, perhaps just a day or two pushed back from what is our ‘normal’ timeframe,” added Yokley.

YSN is currently located on East Taggart Street in East Palestine.