EAST PALESTINE, OHIO- To be selected for the All-Ohio team is an huge honor that presented each year for each specific division. We at YSN are honored to present the list of players who were selected to the All-Ohio team for each division and for the specif teams that they made.


Boys Division I First Team Selections

Jonas Nichols, Akron Archbishop Hoban, 6-3, jr., 16.0 ppg

Will Aljancic, Louisville, 6-7, sr., 22.4 ppg


Boys Division I Special Mentions

Will Scott Jr., Archbishop Hoban, 6-2, sr., 13.7 ppg


Boys Division I Honorable Mentions

Hayden Nigro, Louisville, 6-4, jr., 15.2 ppg


Boys Division II Second Team Selections

Terrance Pankey, Ursuline, 6-1, sr., 18.5 ppg


Boys Division II Third Team Selections

Jason Hewlett, Chaney, 6-5, sr., 17.8 ppg


Boys Division II Special Mentions

Zack Vencill, Edgewood, 6-1, sr., 25.0

Jaden Payne, Ursuline, 6-7, jr., 16.5

Thomas Cardiero, Girard, 6-5, sr., 17.3 ppg

Nick DelGratta, Struthers, 6-7, sr., 22.5 ppg

Joe DeGeorge, Jefferson, 6-5 jr, 21.1 ppg

Boys Division II Honorable Mentions

Josiah Gonzalez, Chaney, 6-4, sr., 14.1 ppg

Vinny Flauto, Ursuline, 5-11, sr., 14.6 ppg

Preston Kerr, East Liverpool, 6-2, jr., 15.4 ppg

Jacob Ernst, Edgewood, 6-3, jr., 16.5 ppg

Dom Cruz, Canfield, 6-0 jr, 12.2 pp

Anthony Covetta Jefferson, 6-2 so, 18.0 ppg


 Boys Division III Third Team Selections

 Navarre Alhassan, Waterloo, sr., 19.2 ppg


Boys Division III Special Mentions

Tyler Britton, Pymatuning Valley, 6-6, sr., 20.5 ppg

Blake Krznaric, Pymatuning Valley, 6-6, jr., 15.o ppg

Landon Moore, South Range, 6-3, sr., 13.3 ppg

Isaiah Jones, Brookfield, 6-5, sr., 16.9 ppg

Ashton O’Brien, Cardinal Mooney, 6-2, jr., 15.0 ppg


Boys Division III Honorable Mentions

Matteo Fortuna, Brookfield, 6-1, Jr., 18.5 ppg

David Moore, Campbell Memorial, jr., 6-4, 17.0 ppg

Blake Kahnell, LaBrae, 6-5, sr., 13.0 ppg

Preston Gedeon,  Garfield, 5-7, so., 18.3 ppg


Boys Division IV First Team Selections

Duncan Moy, Badger, 6-5, jr., 25.2 ppg


Boys Division IV Special Mentions

Chase Eye, Windham, 5-11, sr., 19.5 ppg

Michael Condoleon, Warren John F. Kennedy, 6-0, jr., 17.2 ppg

Nick Ryan, Warren John F. Kennedy, 6-0, so., 18.3 ppg

Anthony Lucente, Lowellville, 6-3, sr., 17.0 ppg

Vinny Ballone, Lowellville, 6-4, sr., 16.1 ppg

Brad Hamilton, Badger, 5-10, sr., 12.5 ppg


Boys Division IV Honorable Mentions

Jaden Rishel, Warren John F. Kennedy, 6-3, jr., 15.3 ppg

Trevor Siefke, Lisbon David Anderson, 6-1, jr., 22.1 ppg

Isaiah Greathouse, Wellsville, 6-0, sr., 17.9 ppg

Aaren Romigh, Jackson-Milton, 6-2, sr., 17.1 ppg


We at YSN once again want to congratulate each player that the All-Ohio team and be sure to check out all of these players at the 2023 YSN All Star this Saturday at the University of Youngstown State. Tip-off is set for 7:00 pm at the Beeghly Center!