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EAST PALESTINE, OH- “I wish I had this when I was in high school,” is a quote that Sam Torres hears a lot in Ashtabula County.  Torres, who began a sports podcast, and streaming service called 440 and Goal 3 years ago- is invested to say the least.  The podcast would follow specifically each team in Ashtabula County and highlight players, coaches, and their stories.

Sound familiar?

That’s why when Sam got a message from YSN, the fit and collaboration was a no-brainer for each side. With the passion that Torres brought to the table, and initiative and leadership added in- the fit was like the glass slipper on Cinderella.

More than just being on-air, Sam has a passion for making the people around him better.  Which is why the annual Ashtabula Combine is so near and dear to his heart.   This weekend marks the third edition of the program and could be the biggest to date.  With six teams competing against each other to sort out the fastest and strongest, Torres’ push is more than just what’s being done on the field.  “We give out scholarships for the Ashtabula County Player of the Year.  Everything goes right back into local athletes and opportunities to make them feel special,” said Torres.

We had the opportunity to sit down with the Ace of Ashtabula, and pick his brain about how the 440 is ready to go!