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NORTH JACKSON OH- Badger just couldn’t crack the top-seeded Mathews in Monday's district semifinals, folks. The Mustangs' pitching was on another level,…


EAST PALESTINE OH- Isabella Bailey was on fire from the mound, racking up 12 strikeouts to steer Badger past East Palestine 4-1 on Wednesday. Bailey was…


KINSMAN OH- Badger secured their spot in the next round of the tournament with an impressive 11-1 run-rule victory over Lordstown in just 5 innings. From…
05-01-2024Baseballvs Windham
04-23-2024Baseballvs Pymatuning Valley
04-15-2024Baseballvs Lordstown
04-10-2024Baseballvs Mathews
03-01-2024Boy's Basketballvs Heartland Christian
02-28-2024Girl's Basketballvs Springfield
02-24-2024Girl's Basketballvs Jackson-Milton
02-16-2024Boy's Basketball@ Jefferson
02-15-2024Girl's Basketballvs LaBrae
02-13-2024Boy's Basketball@ Poland
02-09-2024Boy's Basketballvs Bristol
02-08-2024Girl's Basketballvs Niles
02-02-2024Boy's Basketball@ Pymatuning Valley
02-01-2024Girl's Basketballvs Warren JFK
01-30-2024Boy's Basketballvs Mathews
01-29-2024Girl's Basketballvs Hubbard
01-26-2024Boy's Basketballvs Maplewood
01-22-2024Girl's Basketballvs Mathews
01-18-2024Girl's Basketballvs Maplewood
01-16-2024Boy's Basketballvs St. John
01-09-2024Boy's Basketballvs Chalker
01-08-2024Girl's Basketballvs St. John
01-03-2024Boy's Basketball@ Warren JFK
12-27-2023Girl's Basketball@ Brookfield
12-22-2023Boy's Basketballvs McDonald
12-22-2023Girl's Basketballvs Chalker
12-19-2023Boy's Basketballvs Heartland Christian
12-15-2023Boy's Basketballvs Pymatuning Valley
12-11-2023Girl's Basketballvs Pymatuning Valley
12-01-2023Boy's Basketballvs Campbell
11-30-2023Girl's Basketballvs Fairport Harding
11-28-2023Girl's Basketball@ Warren JFK
09-30-2023Boy's Soccer@ Lakeview
09-30-2023Girl's Soccer@ Lakeview
09-28-2023Boy's Soccer@ Ursuline
08-29-2023Girl's Soccervs United
08-17-2023Girl's Soccervs Girard
04-20-2023Baseballvs Chaney
04-14-2023Softballvs St. John
04-12-2023Baseballvs Brookfield
04-07-2023Baseballvs Chalker
03-03-2023Boy's Basketballvs Cornerstone Christian
02-28-2023Boy's Basketballvs Mathews
02-25-2023Girl's Basketballvs Western Reserve
02-24-2023Boy's Basketballvs Springfield
02-22-2023Girl's Basketballvs Mathews
02-21-2023Boy's Basketballvs Fairport Harding
02-18-2023Girl's Basketballvs Sebring
02-16-2023Girl's Basketballvs Valley Christian
02-14-2023Boy's Basketball@ Heartland
02-10-2023Boy's Basketball@ Windham
02-09-2023Girl's Basketball@ Girard
02-02-2023Girl's Basketball@ Chalker
01-31-2023Boy's Basketballvs Mathews
01-30-2023Girl's Basketballvs Mathews
01-28-2023Girl's Basketball@ Niles
01-27-2023Boy's Basketball@ Ashtabula St. John
01-26-2023Girl's Basketballvs Pymatuning Valley
01-25-2023Boy's Basketballvs Windham
01-25-2023Girl's Basketballvs Windham
01-23-2023Boy's Basketballvs Maplewood
01-21-2023Boy's Basketballvs Heartland Christian
01-21-2023Girl's Basketballvs Heartland Christian
01-20-2023Boy's Basketballvs Lordstown
01-19-2023Girl's Basketball@ Ashtabula St. John
01-17-2023Boy's Basketball@ Fairport Harding
01-13-2023Boy's Basketballvs Mathews
01-10-2023Boy's Basketballvs Pymatuning Valley
01-06-2023Boy's Basketball@ Conneaut
12-30-2022Boy's Basketballvs St. Thomas Aquinas
12-29-2022Girl's Basketball@ LaBrae
12-22-2022Boy's Basketball@ Jackson-Milton
12-13-2022Boy's Basketballvs Bristol
12-09-2022Boy's Basketballvs Chalker
12-08-2022Girl's Basketballvs Bristol
12-03-2022Girl's Basketballvs Ursuline
12-02-2022Boy's Basketball@ Campbell
11-29-2022Boy's Basketballvs Leetonia
11-21-2022Girl's Basketball@ Hubbard
10-10-2022Volleyballvs Campbell
10-05-2022Volleyballvs Pymatuning Valley
09-28-2022Volleyballvs Mathews
09-19-2022Volleyballvs Maplewood
09-12-2022Volleyballvs Fairport Harding
09-07-2022Volleyballvs Bristol
09-06-2022Boy's Soccer@ Boardman
08-31-2022Volleyballvs Lordstown
05-19-2022Baseball@ Warren JFK
05-16-2022Softballvs Mathews
05-10-2022Baseballvs Southington
04-29-2022Baseballvs Windham
04-29-2022Baseballvs Windham
03-02-2022Boy's Basketballvs St. Thomas Aquinas
02-25-2022Boy's Basketball@ Lisbon
02-22-2022Boy's Basketballvs Jackson-Milton
02-15-2022Boy's Basketballvs Chalker
02-11-2022Boy's Basketballvs Fairport
02-10-2022Girl's Basketballvs Chalker
02-09-2022Girl's Basketballvs Girard
02-08-2022Boy's Basketballvs Bristol
02-01-2022Boy's Basketballvs Heartland Christian
01-24-2022Boy's Basketballvs Lordstown
01-22-2022Boy's Basketballvs Windham
01-22-2022Girl's Basketballvs Niles
01-18-2022Boy's Basketballvs Mathews
01-13-2022Girl's Basketballvs Mathews
01-08-2022Girl's Basketball@ Heartland Christian
01-04-2022Boy's Basketballvs Conneaut
12-30-2021Girl's Basketballvs LaBrae
12-17-2021Boy's Basketball@ Heartland Christian
12-13-2021Girl's Basketballvs Fairport
12-09-2021Girl's Basketballvs Pymatuning Valley
12-07-2021Boy's Basketballvs Maplewood
12-03-2021Boy's Basketballvs Campbell
11-30-2021Boy's Basketballvs East Palestine
11-29-2021Girl's Basketballvs Perry