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LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Despite a hard-fought effort, Youngstown State showcased resilience and determination in their baseball matchup against the University…


LOUISVILLE, ,KY-  In a recent episode of the YSN podcast, host DJ Yokley sat down with Youngstown State University's baseball assistant coach, Shane Davis,…


LOUISVILLE, KY-  The YSN podcast recently released the third episode of the "YSU Coach's Corner" featuring Youngstown State University baseball coach…
05-22-2024Baseballvs Oakland
05-18-2024Baseball@ Milwaukee
05-17-2024Baseball@ Milwaukee
05-16-2024Baseball@ Milwaukee
05-12-2024Baseballvs Wright State (Game 2)
05-12-2024Baseballvs Wright State (Game 1)
05-10-2024Baseballvs Wright State
05-08-2024Basebalvs Ohio State
05-07-2024Basebalvs Pitt
04-28-2024Basebalvs Oakland
04-26-2024Baseballvs Oakland
04-25-2024Baseballvs Oakland
04-24-2024Baseballvs Akron
04-23-2024Baseballvs Kent
04-14-2024Baseballvs Milwaukee
04-10-2024Baseballvs Milwaukee
04-09-2024Baseballvs Toledo
04-03-2024Baseball@ Akron
03-29-2024Baseballvs Northern Kentucky (Game 2)
03-29-2024Baseballvs Northern Kentucky (Game 1)
03-28-2024Baseballvs Northern Kentucky
03-26-2024Baseball@ Toledo
03-24-2024Baseballvs Oakland (Game 2)
03-24-2024Baseballvs Oakland (Game 1)
03-22-2024Baseballvs Oakland
03-17-2024Baseballvs Purdue Fort Wayne
03-16-2024Baseballvs Purdue Fort Wayne
03-15-2024Baseballvs Purdue Fort Wayne
03-13-2024Baseball@ Pitt
03-09-2024Baseball@ Georgia Tech (Game 2)
03-09-2024Baseball@ Georgia Tech (Game 1)
03-08-2024Baseball@ Georgia Tech
03-03-2024Baseball@ Louisville
03-02-2024Baseball@ Louisville
03-01-2024Baseball@ Louisville
05-20-2023Baseballvs Wright State
05-18-2023Baseballvs Wright State
05-16-2023Baseball@ Akron
04-30-2023Baseballvs Milwaukee
04-29-2023Baseballvs Milwaukee (Game 2)
04-29-2023Baseballvs Milwaukee (Game 1)
04-25-2023Baseballvs Akron
04-18-2023Baseball@ Penn State
04-11-2023Baseballvs Toledo
04-10-2023Baseball@ Pitt
04-07-2023Baseballvs Northern Kentucky
04-06-2023Baseballvs Northern Kentucky
04-04-2023Baseballvs Pitt
04-02-2023Baseballvs Purdue - Fort Wayne
04-01-2023Baseballvs Purdue - Fort Wayne
03-31-2023Baseballvs Purdue - Fort Wayne
03-28-2023Baseball@ Toledo
03-24-2023Baseball@ Milwaukee (Game 2)
03-24-2023Baseball@ Milwaukee (Game 1)
03-22-2023Baseball@ Bowling Green
03-17-2023Baseballvs Oakland (Game 2)
03-17-2023Baseballvs Oakland (Game 1)
03-16-2023Baseballvs Oakland
03-07-2023Baseball@ Kent
03-04-2023Baseball@ Baylor (Game 2)
03-04-2023Baseball@ Baylor (Game 1)
03-03-2023Baseball@ Baylor
02-26-2023Baseball@ Memphis
02-25-2023Baseball@ Memphis (Game 2)
02-25-2023Baseball@ Memphis (Game 1)
02-24-2023Baseball@ Memphis
02-18-2023Baseballvs Illinois @ Wake Forest
02-18-2023Baseballvs Illinois @ Wake Forest
02-17-2023Baseball@ Wake Forest
05-27-2022Baseballvs Oakland
05-27-2022Baseballvs Northern Kentucky
05-26-2022Baseballvs Oakland
05-25-2022Baseballvs IPFW
05-21-2022Baseballvs UIC
05-20-2022Baseballvs UIC
05-19-2022Baseballvs UIC
05-15-2022Baseball@ Northern Kentucky (Game 2)
05-15-2022Baseball@ Northern Kentucky (Game 1)
05-13-2022Baseball@ UIC
05-13-2022Baseball@ UIC
05-01-2022Softball@ Wright State
04-30-2022Baseball@ Wright State
04-29-2022Baseball@ Wright State
04-24-2022Baseballvs Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Game 2)
04-24-2022Baseballvs Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Game 1)
04-22-2022Baseballvs Oakland
04-22-2022Baseballvs Oakland
04-16-2022Baseballvs Wisconsin-Milwaukee
04-15-2022Baseballvs Wisconsin-Milwaukee
04-14-2022Baseballvs Wisconsin-Milwaukee
04-12-2022Baseballvs Niagara
04-10-2022Baseballvs Northern Kentucky
04-09-2022Baseballvs Northern Kentucky
04-08-2022Baseballvs Northern Kentucky
04-06-2022Baseballvs Pitt
04-05-2022Baseball@ Ohio State
04-02-2022Baseball@ Oakland
04-01-2022Baseball@ Oakland
03-30-2022Baseball@ Michigan State
03-25-2022Baseball@ West Virginia (Game 2)
03-25-2022Baseball@ West Virginia (Game 1)
03-24-2022Baseball@ West Virginia
03-22-2022Baseball@ Penn State
03-20-2022Baseball@ Purdue Fort Wayne
03-20-2022Baseball@ Purdue Fort Wayne
03-19-2022Baseball@ Purdue Fort Wayne
03-18-2022Baseball@ Purdue Fort Wayne
03-13-2022Baseball@ New Orleans
03-12-2022Baseball@ New Orleans (Game 2)
03-12-2022Baseball@ New Orleans (Game 1)
03-11-2022Baseball@ New Orleans
02-28-2022Baseball@ Belmont
02-26-2022Baseball@ Belmont (Game 2)
02-26-2022Baseball@ Belmont (Game 1)
02-25-2022Baseballvs Belmont
02-19-2022Baseball@ Bethune-Cookman
02-18-2022Baseball@ Bethune-Cookman
05-27-2021Baseballvs Milwaukee
05-27-2021Baseballvs UIC
05-23-2021Baseballvs Milwaukee
05-22-2021Baseballvs Milwaukee (Game 2)
05-22-2021Baseballvs Milwaukee (Game 1)
05-21-2021Baseballvs Milwaukee
05-16-2021Baseball@ Bellarmine
05-15-2021Baseball@ Bellarmine
05-14-2021Baseball@ Bellarmine
05-08-2021Baseballvs Purdue Fort Wayne (Game 2)
05-08-2021Baseballvs Purdue Fort Wayne (Game 1)
05-07-2021Baseballvs Purdue Fort Wayne (Game 2)
05-07-2021Baseballvs Purdue Fort Wayne (Game 1)
05-02-2021Baseball@ UIC
05-01-2021Baseball@ UIC (Game 2)
05-01-2021Baseball@ UIC (Game 1)
04-30-2021Baseball@ UIC
04-25-2021Baseballvs Oakland
04-24-2021Baseballvs Oakland
04-23-2021Baseballvs Oakland (Game 2)
04-23-2021Baseballvs Oakland (Game 1)
04-18-2021Baseball@ Northern Kentucky
04-17-2021Baseball@ Northern Kentucky (Game 2)
04-17-2021Baseball@ Northern Kentucky (Game 1)
04-16-2021Baseball@ Northern Kentucky
04-11-2021Baseballvs Milwaukee
04-10-2021Baseballvs Milwaukee
04-09-2021Baseballvs Milwaukee (Game 2)
04-09-2021Baseballvs Milwaukee (Game 1)
04-03-2021Baseballvs UIC (Game 2)
04-03-2021Baseballvs UIC (Game 1)
04-02-2021Baseballvs UIC (Game 2)
04-02-2021Baseballvs UIC (Game 1)
03-28-2021Baseballvs Wright State
03-27-2021Baseballvs Wright State
03-27-2021Baseballvs Wright State
03-26-2021Baseballvs Wright State
03-21-2021Baseballvs St. Bonaventure
03-20-2021Baseballvs St. Bonaventure (Game 2)
03-20-2021Baseballvs St. Bonaventure (Game 1)
03-14-2021Baseball@ Wright State
03-13-2021Baseball@ Wright State (Game 2)
03-13-2021Baseball@ Wright State (Game 1)
03-12-2021Baseball@ Wright State
03-07-2021Baseballvs Purdue Fort Wayne (Game 2)
03-07-2021Baseballvs Purdue Fort Wayne (Game 1)
03-06-2021Baseballvs Purdue Fort Wayne
03-05-2021Baseballvs Purdue Fort Wayne
02-28-2021Baseball@ Nicholls State
02-27-2021Baseball@ LSU
02-26-2021Baseball@ LSU
02-26-2021Baseball@ Nicholls State
02-21-2021Baseball@ Troy
02-20-2021Baseball@ Troy (Game 2)
02-20-2021Baseball@ Troy (Game 1)
02-19-2021Baseball@ Troy
03-10-2020Baseballvs Bowling Green
03-04-2020Baseballat Pitt
02-23-2020Baseballat College of Charleston
02-22-2020Baseballat College of Charleston
02-21-2020Baseballat College of Charleston
02-16-2020Baseballat Houston
02-15-2020Baseballat Houston
02-14-2020Baseballat Houston
11-23-2019Mens Basketballvs USC Upstate
11-09-2019Women's Basketballvs Kent State
05-18-2019Baseballvs Milwaukee
05-17-2019Baseballvs Milwaukee
05-16-2019Baseballvs Milwaukee
05-14-2019Baseballvs Ohio State
05-05-2019Baseballvs Wright State
05-04-2019Baseballvs Wright State
05-03-2019Baseballvs Wright State
05-01-2019Baseballvs Eastern Michigan
04-24-2019Baseballvs St. Bonaventure
04-23-2019Baseballvs Ohio
04-19-2019Baseballvs Northern Kentucky
04-18-2019Baseballvs Northern Kentucky
04-18-2019Baseballvs Northern Kentucky
04-10-2019Baseballvs Toledo
04-09-2019Baseball@ Penn State
04-07-2019Baseballvs UIC
04-06-2019Baseballvs UIC
04-05-2019Baseballvs UIC
04-03-2019Baseballvs Kent State
03-27-2019Baseballvs Pitt
03-24-2019Baseballvs Oakland
03-23-2019Baseballvs Oakland
03-23-2019Baseballvs Oakland
03-12-2019Baseball@ Kent State
03-10-2019Baseball@ Miami (Game 2)
03-10-2019Baseball@ Miami (Game 1)
03-09-2019Baseball@ Miami
03-08-2019Baseball@ Miami
02-23-2019Baseball@ Florida State (Game 2)
02-23-2019Baseball@ Florida State (Game 1)
02-22-2019Baseball@ Florida State