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* CONTRIBUTED BY NATE DICROSS YOUNGSTOWN, OH - The stage was set for an epic showdown between the Youngstown East Golden Bears and the Dohn Community…


YOUNGSTOWN, OH- You know it's tournament time when teams start locking in their focus, and for East Palestine- they tuned up the band on Tuesday in a 25-16,…
09-22-2023Footballvs Dohn Community
09-08-2023Footballvs Ursuline
08-30-2023Volleyballvs Ursuline
08-28-2023Volleyball@ Hubbard
08-25-2023Footballvs Shaw
08-18-2023Footballvs Hubbard
02-17-2023Boy's Basketball@ Lowellville
02-09-2023Girl's Basketball@ Lowellville
02-06-2023Boy's Basketball@ Boardman
02-03-2023Boy's Basketball@ Chaney
02-01-2023Girl's Basketball@ Ursuline
01-31-2023Boy's Basketballvs Cardinal Mooney
01-24-2023Boy's Basketball@ Howland
01-18-2023Girl's Basketball@ Howland
01-14-2023Girl's Basketball@ Boardman
01-03-2022Boy's Basketballvs West Branch
12-29-2022Girl's Basketballvs East Palestine
12-21-2022Girl's Basketball@ Cardinal Mooney
12-19-2022Girl's Basketballvs Warren JFK
12-15-2022Girl's Basketball@ Beaver Local
12-13-2022Boy's Basketballvs Cornerstone Christian
12-06-2022Boy's Basketballvs Canfield
11-30-2022Girl's Basketballvs Niles
11-29-2022Boy's Basketballvs Hubbard
11-28-2022Girl's Basketballvs Liberty
11-21-2022Girl's Basketballvs Struthers
11-18-2022Girl's Basketball@ Lakeview
10-21-2022Football@ Chaney
10-14-2022Football@ Ursuline
10-07-2022Footballvs Canfield
09-23-2022Footballvs Cardinal Mooney
09-21-2022Volleyball@ Struthers
09-17-2022Footballvs Boardman
09-07-2022Volleyballvs Niles
09-02-2022Footballvs Villa Angela-St. Joseph
08-26-2022Football@ East Cleveland Shaw
08-24-2022Volleyball@ East Palestine
08-22-2022Volleyball@ Liberty
08-19-2022Football@ Hubbard
05-17-2022Baseball@ Howland
04-05-2022Baseball@ Cardinal Mooney
02-25-2022Boy's Basketball@ Chaney
02-11-2022Boy's Basketballvs Chaney
02-05-2022Girl's Basketballvs Chaney
02-02-2022Girl's Basketballvs Ursuline
02-01-2022Boy's Basketball@ Cardinal Mooney
01-29-2022Girl's Basketballvs Akron North
01-26-2022Girl's Basketball@ Cardinal Mooney
01-25-2022Boy's Basketballvs Howland
01-21-2022Boy's Basketballvs Boardman
01-19-2022Girl's Basketballvs Howland
01-15-2022Girl's Basketballvs Boardman
12-21-2021Boy's Basketballvs Akron North
12-14-2021Boy's Basketball@ West Branch
12-07-2021Boy's Basketball@ Canfield
11-29-2021Girl's Basketball@ Leetonia
10-22-2021Football@ Chaney
10-16-2021Footballvs Ursuline
10-08-2021Football@ Canfiedl
09-17-2021Football@ Boardman
09-10-2021Footballvs Ellet
09-03-2021Football@ Niles
08-20-2021Footballvs Shaw
05-11-2021Baseball@ Cardinal Mooney
04-19-2021Baseball@ Ursuline
04-16-2021Baseballvs Chaney
02-17-2021Girl's Basketball@ Cardinal Mooney
02-12-2021Boy's Basketball@ Cardinal Mooney
02-11-2021Boy's Basketball@ Chaney
02-11-2021Girl's Basketball@ Cardinal Mooney
02-09-2021Boy's Basketballvs Ursuline
01-25-2021Girl's Basketball@ Austintown Fitch
01-22-2021Boy's Basketball@ Ursuline
01-20-2021Girl's Basketballvs Cardinal Mooney
01-19-2021Boy's Basketballvs Chaney
01-18-2021Girl's Basketballvs Warren JFK
01-16-2021Girl's Basketball@ Ursuline
01-15-2021Boy's Basketball@ Canfield
01-11-2021Girl's Basketballvs Austintown Fitch
01-09-2021Girl's Basketballvs Canfield
01-08-2021Boy's Basketball@ Boardman
01-05-2021Boy's Basketball@ Austintown Fitch