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HANOVERTON, OH- Madison Aegerter was on fire, striking out 11 batters as United battled to a 2-2 tie against Columbiana’s Brady’s Run Veterinary Hospital…


CANFIELD, OH- Preston Tolnar, a nine-year-old golf prodigy from Canfield, is hitting headlines as he prepares to compete at Augusta National for the prestigious…


CANFIELD, OH- Welcome back to another episode of YSN's Player Profile, your number one source for all things youth sports. In today's episode, we have…
06-14-2024SoftballOhio Blast vs Passion-Farster (12u Softball)
06-14-2024SoftballOhio Blast vs Chardon Storm (12u Softball)
06-12-2024SoftballColumbiana @ United (15u Softball) (Game 2)
06-12-2024SoftballColumbiana @ United (15u Softball) (Game 1)
06-05-2024SoftballBattle for The Range: Protech vs Fairway
06-05-2024SoftballBattle for The Range: Magic Moments vs Southwoods
10-21-2023FootballVarsity Championship: United vs Mineral Ridge
10-21-2023FootballJV Championship: Crestview vs Western Reserve
10-21-2023FootballBantam Championship: Crestview vs East Canton
07-18-2023District 2 10U SoftballBoardman vs Canfield
07-18-2023Junior State Baseball ChampionshipJefferson vs Lebanon
07-17-2023District 2 10U SoftballCanfield vs Boardman
07-17-2023District 2 10U SoftballAustintown vs Boardman
07-11-2023BCB 10U BaseballPoland vs Canfield
07-11-2023BCB 9U BaseballBoardman vs Canfield
07-10-2023BCB 12U BaseballBoardman vs Poland
07-10-2023BCB 11U BaseballBoardman vs Canfield
07-07-2023District 2 12U BaseballAustintown vs Poland
07-07-2023District 2 12U BaseballSouth Range vs Canfield
07-05-2023District 2 12U SoftballBoardman vs Austintown
07-05-2023District 2 12U BaseballCanfield vs Austintown
07-05-2023District 2 10U SoftballBoardman vs South Range
07-05-2023District 2 10U SoftballCanfield vs Austintown
07-05-2023District 2 12U BaseballBoardman vs South Range
07-03-202310U SoftballSouth Range vs Struthers
07-03-202310U SoftballBoardman vs Poland
07-01-202350/70 BaseballAustintown vs Springfield
07-01-202312U SoftballAustintown Fitch vs Howland
07-01-202310U SoftballCanfield vs Boardman
06-30-202350/70 BaseballStruthers vs Austintown
06-30-202312U SoftballBoardman vs Austintown Fitch
06-30-202310U SoftballSouth Range vs Boardman
06-29-202350/70 BaseballSouth Range vs Struthers
06-29-202312U SoftballBoardman vs Poland
06-29-202312U SoftballCanfield vs Howland
06-29-202310U SoftballAustintown vs Struthers
06-28-202350/70 BaseballSpringfield vs Struthers
06-15-2023SoftballBattle for the Range (10u)
06-15-2023SoftballBattle for the Range (8u)
07-14-2022BCB 9u BaseballPoland vs Canfield
07-12-2022BCB 10u BaseballCanfield vs Poland
07-12-2022BCB 9u BaseballCanfield vs Poland
07-11-2022BCB 12u BaseballBoardman vs Poland
07-11-2022BCB 11u BaseballBoardman vs Poland
07-10-202250/70 Baseball TournamentCanfield vs Logan County
07-09-2022BCB 10u BaseballBoardman vs Poland
07-09-202250/70 Baseball TournamentLogan County vs Clay
07-08-2022BCB 10u BaseballCanfield vs Poland
07-08-2022BCB 10u BaseballBoardman vs Austintown
07-08-202250/70 Baseball TournamentLogan County vs Ashtabula
07-08-202250/70 Baseball TournamentCanfield vs Clay
07-07-2022BCB 10u BaseballPoland vs Austintown
07-07-2022BCB 12u BaseballPoland vs Austintown
07-07-2022BCB 11u BaseballCanfield vs Poland
07-07-2022BCB 10u BaseballCanfield vs Boardman
07-07-202250/70 Baseball TournamentLogan County vs Mason
07-07-202250/70 Baseball TournamentElyria vs Jefferson
07-06-2022BCB 11u BaseballPoland vs Boardman
07-06-2022BCB 12u BaseballAustintown vs Boardman
07-06-2022BCB 11u BaseballCanfield vs Struthers
07-06-2022BCB 12u BaseballCanfield vs Poland
07-06-2022BCB 9u BaseballBoardman vs Canfield
07-06-202250/70 Baseball TournamentJefferson vs Canfield
07-06-202250/70 Baseball TournamentClay vs Mason
07-05-2022BCB 11u BaseballBoardman vs Struthers
07-05-2022BCB 12u BaseballBoardman vs Poland
07-05-2022BCB 12u SoftballBoardman vs Canfield
07-05-2022BCB 11u BaseballCanfield vs Poland
07-05-2022BCB 10u SoftballAustintown vs Poland
07-05-2022BCB 12u BaseballAustintown vs Canfield
07-05-202250/70 Baseball TournamentCanfield vs Logan County
07-05-202250/70 Baseball TournamentElyria vs Mason
06-30-2022BCB 12u SoftballCanfield vs Poland
06-29-2022BCB 12u SoftballCanfield vs Boardman
06-29-2022BCB 12u SoftballPoland vs South Range
06-29-2022BCB 10u SoftballPoland vs Canfield
06-28-2022BCB 12u SoftballBoardman vs South Range
06-28-2022BCB 10u BSoftballPoland vs Boardman
06-28-2022BCB 12u SoftballAustintown vs Poland
06-28-2022BCB 10u SoftballAustintown vs Canfield
06-27-2022BCB 10u SoftballCanfield vs Boardman
06-20-2022Austintown Community BaseballHomerun Derby
06-16-2022BCB 12u ChampionshipPhoenix @ Remax
06-16-2022BCB 10u ChampionshipRemax @ International
06-15-2022BCB Varsity BaseballJCR @ Phoenix
06-15-2022BCB 12u SoftballPawsmetics @ C. Fleming
06-15-2022BCB 10u SoftballAll-Stars @ Lions
06-14-2022BCB Varsity BaseballRon K. Drywall @ Zoup Eatery
06-14-2022BCB JV BaseballRamunno @ Rovenzale
06-14-2022BCB Varsity BaseballCocca's @ Phoenix
06-14-2022BCB JV BaseballBoardman Lions @ Soup City
06-13-2022BCB Varsity BaseballProvenzale @ Zoup Eatery (BCB Varsity Baseball)
06-13-2022BCB Varsity BaseballKrep's @ JCR (BCB Varsity Baseball)
06-13-2022BCB Varsity BaseballCocca's vs Remax (BCB Varsity Baseball)
06-13-2022BCB JV BaseballSoup City @ Boardman Lion's Club (BCB JV Baseball)
06-13-2022BCB JV BaseballRemax vs International Contracting
06-09-2022BCB JV BaseballBeavers @ Lions
06-09-2022BCB Challenger BaseballOptimists @ Coconut
06-08-2022BCB Varsity BaseballProvenzale @ Phoenix
06-08-2022BCB Varsity BaseballRK Drywall @ Re/Max Valley
06-08-2022BCB Varsity BaseballCocca's Pizza @ Ramunno DDS
06-08-2022BCB JV BaseballBeavers @ Soup City
06-06-2022BCB Varsity BaseballPhoenix @ Zoup
06-06-2022BCB Varsity BaseballProvenzale @ Cocca's
07-29-202110u State Little League TournamentNew Albany vs Hiland
07-29-202110u State Little League TournamentHiland vs New Albany
07-28-202110u State Little League TournamentHamilton West Side vs New Albany
07-27-202110u State Little League TournamentNew Albany vs Boardman
07-26-202110u State Little League TournamentEast Holmes vs Hamilton West Side
07-26-202110u State Little League TournamentCuyahoga Falls North vs Boardman
07-26-202110u State Little League TournamentRock Hill vs New Albany
07-25-202110u State Little League TournamentBellvue vs Cuyahoga Falls North
07-25-202110u State Little League TournamentFairborn vs Rock Hill
07-25-202110u State Little League TournamentHamilton West Side vs New Albany
07-25-202110u State Little League TournamentHiland vs Boardman
07-24-202110u State Little League TournamentNew Albany vs Cuyahoga Falls North
07-24-202110u State Little League TournamentHamilton West Side vs Bellevue
07-24-202110u State Little League TournamentBoardman vs Rock Hill
07-24-202110u State Little League TournamentHiland vs Fairborn
07-15-2021District 2 10u ChampionshipBoardman vs Poland
07-15-2021District 2 9u ChampionshipPoland vs Canfield
06-24-2021Boardman Community BaseballBoosters vs International Contracting
06-23-2021Boardman Community BaseballAll Star vs Remax
06-23-2021Boardman Community BaseballSoup City vs International Contracting
06-22-2021Boardman Community BaseballMetro Land vs Lions
06-22-2021Boardman Community BaseballRK Drywall vs Remax
06-22-2021Boardman Community BaseballBruno Bros vs International Contracting
06-22-2021Boardman Community BaseballProvenzale vs All-Star
06-17-2021Boardman Community Baseball10u Girl's Championship: Sluggers vs Armstrong
06-16-2021Boardman Community BaseballRamunno DDS vs Provenzale
06-16-2021Boardman Community BaseballRK Drywall vs Coccas Pizza
08-18-2020Austintown Fitch Baseballvs Howland
08-10-2020MVAABL ChampionshipMetro Ice vs Buckeyes (Game 3)
08-08-2020MVAABL ChampionshipMetro Ice vs Buckeyes (Game 2)
08-07-2020MVAABL ChampionshipMetro Ice vs Buckeyes (Game 1)
07-30-202012u ChampionshipAll Star vs Provenzale
07-30-202010u ChampionshipCPS vs Remax
07-29-2020Girls JV ChampionshipLions vs Sluggers
07-28-2020Girls Varsity ChampionshipBuckeye vs Signature
06-12-202010u BaseballKingfish vs Glaciers
08-04-201911u BaseballBoardman vs Hamilton
08-02-201911u BaseballBoardman vs Cambridge
07-31-201911u BaseballBoardman vs New Albany
07-27-201911u BaseballWashington Court House vs Boardman
07-26-201912u BaseballGalion vs New Albany
07-25-201912u BaseballBoardman vs New Albany
07-24-201912u BaseballMt. Vernon vs Boardman
07-23-201912u BaseballAshtabula vs Boardman
07-22-201912u BaseballBoardman vs Maumee
07-21-201912u BaseballGalion vs Boardman
07-11-201912u BaseballCanfield vs Boardman
07-10-201912u BaseballCanfield vs Boardman
07-10-201911u BaseballBoardman vs Poland
07-09-2019Intermediate (50/70) BaseballLoveland vs Green
07-09-201912u BaseballAustintown vs Canfield
07-09-201912u BaseballPoland vs Howland
07-08-201912u BaseballCanfield vs Boardman
07-08-201912u BaseballAustintown vs Poland
07-07-2019Intermediate (50/70) BaseballLoveland vs Jefferson
07-06-2019Intermediate (50/70) BaseballGreen vs Jefferson
07-06-2019Intermediate (50/70) BaseballLoveland vs Boardman
07-06-20199u BaseballBoardman vs Austintown
07-06-201912u BaseballBoardman vs Austintown
07-06-201912u BaseballCanfield vs Poland
07-05-201910u SoftballCanfield vs Howland
07-02-201912u SoftballCanfield vs Boardman
06-28-201912u SoftballPoland vs Boardman
06-27-201912u SoftballCanfield vs Boardman
06-27-201912u SoftballPoland vs South Range
06-25-201912u SoftballBoardman vs South Range
06-25-201912u SoftballCanfield vs Austintown